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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I know its been over a week ago but Lucy turned 8 months old! That's like 2/3 of the way through the first year! I already tear up a little when I think of how soon she'll be turning 1. But she keeps us so busy that the days just fly by. I love the stage she's at. There is always some kind of new adventure each day. She's learning lots of new sounds! Now she's saying Mommy and Daddy, which we love hearing. Yesterday when she was on her tummy she figured out how to scoot backwards and that she can also scoot around while sitting up. We get a little closer to walking every week too. I can't remember how it happened but one day we just accidentally discovered that she figured out how to bend her knees and pick up her feet to walk. She can take about 15 steps with just a little help balancing. One of Lucy's favorite things is to stand up and she tries her best to stand by herself for a few seconds. Because of that we watch her like a hawk! She's turned into quite a little dare devil.

Another exciting thing is that it looks like the teething process may actually bring Lucy some teeth soon! The other day when I looked at her gums I could see the bottom two underneath. Its very obvious so hopefully, as we've been praying for months now, we'll have teeth pictures to share soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Make note of today's date...

Because Lucy said "Momma!"

She's been all over the word Mommy for quite a while. Ever since Thanksgiving she's been trying to say different forms of it. First she'd say "Ommm-eeee" then it went to "M-mmy." Over the past couple days its been coming out "Moo-ma" but this morning it was an audible and direct "Momma."

I'm so excited about this! I had talked to some friends way back before Lucy was born about how I was nervous that after having a baby our lives wouldn't be as fun or exciting. They told me that life probably wouldn't have the same kind of excitement, but that every day would be filled with thrilling new discoveries. They were right. G.I. Joe and I don't go out late at night or do things on the spur of the moment anymore. But we have a 6 month old who can say "Momma!"