Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why I decided to "run" for Military Spouse of the Year 2013

I have been honored by 2 wonderful friends who nominated me for Military Spouse of the Year. In the midst of all the excitement that comes with announcing such an honor I completely expected there to be a few who had some critical thoughts to share. And I'm fine with that because I haven't always loved the idea of doing this. I'm posting this now so everyone will hopefully see my heart and understand this "competition" a little better.

My first experience with the Military Spouse community was as a 19 year old sending her husband off to war for a year. The FRG leader was married to the First SGT (I believe) and her response that day when I approached her with tears in my eyes asking for support was to laugh at me.

Fast forward a couple years and the Military Spouse of the Year competition was born. I was annoyed by the sound of it. Seriously? I can't get the slightest bit of support from older more experienced spouses and you want me to vote for one to become Prom Queen? No thanks. Then that first year's finalist came out. Oh my gosh. They gave me so much hope. They were incredible women who devoted their livelihoods to serving others, in ADDITION to supporting their own service member. I saw that there were beacons of light and love living quietly among us. Never could I hope to be one of them...but just to know that they exsisted and didn't want me to fail as a Milie was all I needed.

Four more years later my dear friend asked if she could nominate me. Uh, for reals? No thanks. I'm thinking, "Geeze, these women change the world...I change...diapers. Don't get me wrong...I totally rock at that...but not award worthy for sure."

Skip with me to this past fall. That same friend said to me "Okay, here's the thing. I'm nominating you whether you like it or not. And you need to accept. Don't do it for you, do it for your wounded warriors."

Ah she knows me so well. I hate "vote for me" things. I've been in so many blog competitions that no one ever knows about because I'm so uncomfortable with the chance that someone will think that I think I'm better than everyone. But that's not what this contest is about. Its not about being better. Please understand my heart when I say that being Military Spouse of the Year does NOT mean "Job well done!" to me. Its an honor, sure. But its not a pat on the back. Its not a trophy.

Its an occasion to rise to.

Its a challenge to live up to.

Its simply a vote of confidence.

It means you have faith in me to keep going and to keep helping the wounded warrior community.

It means working even harder to live up to the award then I did to be nominated for it.

And I love that it means I would have more chances to spread the word about my non profit. And it means more chances to meet the people who have the power to create better policies that will prevent our warriors and their families from falling into crisis.

If you ask why you should vote for me and what makes me better I will tell you this...there isn't anything. I'm just asking that you step out and take a leap of faith with me. Trust me when I say I won't let you, or the wounded warrior community, or those teenage warbrides who need hope, down.

That's what this competition is about. At least, to me it is.

Check out my profile here and watch this uber awkward video ;) And help me see a dream come true by making this the Year of the Wounded Warrior Spouse! The first round of voting is only one click, one day! January 22nd!!!


Karren said...

Definitely voting for you!! Good luck!

Jes said...

Good luck! You deserve to win!

Chantal said...

Good luck!!

Kim said...

Good luck! You have my vote! :)