Thursday, January 31, 2013

Storm clouds and Rainbows

I feel awful for not being able to post this sooner but the lovely and talented JG asked me if she could write an article about our experience with Judd Apatow. The article was published on Breitbart Tuesday and for a little while was the "big" story in their entertainment section!!! She did such an awesome job putting everything together, especially considering I just wanted to ramble endlessly about it. We are so thankful to her and Breitbart for sharing our story. G.I. Joe and I are both hoping maybe others in Hollywood will see it and be inspired to reach out to wounded warriors. So if you have time give the article some comment and share love :) Clicking on the site and seeing that huge smile on my face totally made my week better.

Our week has been slightly stormy here. On Tuesday morning I started trying to make appointments for G.I.Joe. Important ones. But then we were hit hard with the revelation that back in December an error was made and he wasn't going to be able to see his doctors until it was straightened out. It caused a lot of panic and anxiety in G.I. Joe. Major trigger for his TBI symptoms. Thankfully we were able to spend yesterday in some offices getting a temporary fix in place so he will see his TBI specialist tomorrow and his other appointments start again next week. He feels a little better at least knowing he can get care but I would lie if I said this wasn't discouraging. We're both tired of fighting for everything. There will always be little glitches here and there but someone who is combat wounded has already done the "fighting" to obtain his right to care. His symptoms made it difficult yesterday for him to clearly, and without aggravation, express the issues so that's when caregivers like me step in and have to be the face of serenity. I'm happy to do it but its draining when you have to be the strong one, don't let your emotions show and keep it all together. So I'm tired today, but very much at peace that this will all be worked out soon.

And maybe one day it won't be the norm for caregivers to have to fight so hard for everything. I refuse to lose hope in that or to give up working for it.

Tag is also sick again. We had him at the doctor after all this yesterday and it looks like his airways are very prone to swelling when he has a virus. They think he'll need steroids whenever he has colds just while he is a little kid and then will grow out of it as they expand. Right now he just gets a few doses during a cold and its enough of a punch to get the swelling down and help him (haha and me) breathe easier.

So that's been our week. Typical wounded warrior life. :) But its a blessed one. We're getting really close to the launch of The General's Kids!!! Hopefully soon I'll have to official logo to share with you guys!!!

~Mrs. G.I. Joe


Chantal said...

Awesome article! So cool!

Kim said...

Caregivers are so amazing. My husband is mine and I'm so grateful for him everyday. I hope you and your family have a good weekend. :)