Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods...

The other day Lucy and I were bouncing on the trampoline at our rural residence. The leaves from the trees peppered the trampoline and crunched beneath us. Lucy's brownish-reddish-blondish bob flopped as her feet met the mat. And out of nowhere I was struck by something....there was a clear and distinct absence of the explosive sound that mortars make. Leaves rustled. Springs BOING'ed. Giggles escaped. But there were no rockets screeching and booming. Its an odd thing to notice, right? I guess to many its weird but if you all haven't noticed that sound--or absence of sound--already then you will likely have a similar revelation in the future. Its when you have seen the tragic high costs of freedom that you can begin to vividly notice the lack of violence around you.

On February 20th of this year my husband's small combat out post was attacked in Afghanistan. They came under fire from rockets and other "small arms." My G.I. Joe was hit but was able to get help. Every time new information on the attacks in Benghazi comes out my heart breaks more. Your loved ones, your heroes, should have received help. In the midst of already tragic circumstances you all have to deal with lies, disrespect and cover up.

I know most media outlets, and too many Americans if you ask me, are turning a blind eye to "Benghazi-gate" as it unfolds. But I want to go on record here and now to say this freedom-loving-American family is outraged for you all. The cover-up is unacceptable. The rude, loud mouthed comments from the Vice President are completely inexcusable. And even mentioning that stupid movie at your loved ones' transfer ceremony should be viewed as reprehensible.

As our Lucy grows we know she will be asking more and more questions about how G.I. Joe was wounded and why. When she questions these issues we will always make a point to tell her stories of valor that took place in Libya this September. When she is older and learns her Daddy was hit by mortars in an attack in one part of the world, we will also tell her of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods who refused to stand down and lost their lives saving others who were hurt. And we'll tell her of people like Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith, who went into a dangerous area routinely because they believe in things like freedom and democracy.

In the midst of the whirlwind this must be for you all, please know that there are people all over the world praying for you all and seeking the truth. We pray that our nation's lawmakers will not settle until everything is revealed. We pray for you all that you will have the strength and comfort you need to deal with what lies before you. And we pray that everyday you'll be reminded that you have the bravest guardians smiling down on you.

Basically, we stand with you.

We'll stand beside, or behind you. Whatever you need.

But we will NOT stand down.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

PS~Those of you who have blogs should grab this pic, post it there and/or Facebook, and write the families your own "We won't stand down" message to show them that 6 weeks later we haven't gotten tragedy that is still continuously unfolding.



Tara said...

This made me cry. I could not agree with you more, very wonderfully written.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Amen! Lovely post!

Mar said...

Thank you for your posting. Not only was the death of each and every one of these men a tragedy, but an inexcusable event that continues to be covered up to protect the very elected ones that should have been focused on doing their job, but instead abandoned their jobs to focus on their reelection. Their deaths were senseless, and could have likely been prevented. My heart goes out to the families these men leave behind.

Mar said...
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