Sunday, September 23, 2012

To a Warrior's Daughter...

Today you are turning 4 years old. One day a long time from now when you are "big" you'll probably find this note tucked into your travel journal from this week. You'll need to read it later because right now you are still so young, it might be hard for you to grasp everything I'm saying.

We have to constantly remind ourselves that you are still "little." This year has probably been the most life altering year you will experience for quite a long time. At barely 3 years old you had to adjust to Daddy being gone even more than normal, then deploying, and going from being the center of our universe to having to share the spotlight with your baby brother. Just when we thought things may settled down long enough for you to adjust and get life under control, the unthinkable happened. As you put it "Daddy got wounded because the war hit him." You went from missing your SuperMan to helping take care of your Daddy who was weaker and slower than you. And every step of the way we have been in awe of you and your sweet spirit. I think I was more nervous about him leaving the hospital than you were. The first time you saw him walk, you weren't scared. You were confident in him. You didn't panic. You didn't see his wounds, you saw the warrior. I told you once to be careful with his face and leg and never had to remind you again.

Though an 80 year old could have passed him 12 times you would patiently walk beside him, never a step in front. You held the free hand that wasn't gripping the cane and you encouraged him with every step. Where did you learn to do this?! I was a mess anytime Daddy walked. I was so scared and nervous his body couldn't handle it. But you showed him care and confidence. That balance is still hard for me, 7 months later.

This wasn't the first situation where we (and others) have been in awe of you. On this day 4 years ago a nurse ran down the hall and told other nurses to come to my door. She wanted everyone to see how relaxed I was while laboring to bring you into this world. No drugs at all. Just peace. Then you slipped out on your own. No one could believe how fast and effortlessly you entered the world.

I have no doubt that through the years you will continue to amaze us. Already at 4 you have handled with grace what most adults are incapable of handling. You do it with smiles, laughter, and brutal innocent honesty. Daddy and I are incredibly proud of you. And we want you to remember something very VERY important....

This is ALL because God is working through you.

He has AMAZING plans for your life.

I wasn't prepared for any of this. We really can't be prepared for the things that happened this year.

But when that happens God gives us the grace we need to get through it.

You, my sweet and goofy child, are a breath-taking picture to people of God's grace.

You remind us everyday of all He is capable of.

And for that we can only say thank you.

I'm pretty sure you have taught US more than we have taught you so far.

Happy Birthday, Love Bug. You were the best answer to every prayer we ever prayed.


chambanachik said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...

The life of Lucy captures our hearts! Thank you so much for sharing her and your journies with us. Happy Birthday Lucy, you are my hero! deb Mullins

Alice said...

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trooppetrie said...

Tears for so many reasons. Thank you for letting me hear your journey

Anonymous said...

As a girlfriend of a wounded warrior who was injured in Afghanistan in September 2011, your stories definitely hit really close to home and make the tears flow quite a bit. :p Our journey is only starting but we've made it through this far...We can do ANYTHING! <3 Stay strong girly and I will pray for G.I Joe's continued recovery. Thank you so much for this blog...It has really helped me see that there are brighter days after the storm. So thank you thank you thank you! <3