Monday, September 10, 2012

Because of this piece of metal...

Walter Reed is a very short drive from Baltimore so a number of times we got in the car and just went to the harbor on a whim. One very very hot sunny day in June were heading back to our truck when we came upon the Baltimore World Trade Center. In front of it was the most moving display I'd ever seen.

On a huge slab of white marble perched mangled pieces of metal.

Metal from the Twin Towers.

They were twisted,



Lucy knew something as different about this. She even got a little emotional and whiny.

"Mommy, what is that metal? Why is it here? Mommy, don't take pictures! Mommy, I want to go!"

It only took a second for both G.I. Joe and myself in unison to say

"This piece of metal is why..."

We explained to her that what happened around the pieces of this metal is why Daddy goes away.

Its why he wants to help people.

Its why he wants to keep US safe from now on.

Its why he has metal inside his body and can't run with her.

Its why he'll do everything in his power to return to duty.

There are really no words to convey the emotion of being arms reach away from something that hundreds of innocent lives perished under. And harder still to describe the pulling inside me. This week I read an article about a soldier who was killed in the same area G.I. Joe was wounded in. And of course...this hero died from the same type of wounds. September 11th was always emotional for me...being a military spouse always has added  another level to it. But now, G.I Joe is here and alive. While so many, no too many, aren't.

There is thankfulness in our hearts...and sadness for the families of the fallen.

There is confusion as to why God chose to spare him, and for G.I. Joe I know there will always be a fair amount of guilt.

After living with these roller coaster of emotions...

And having to listen to my husband talk about how he is still willing to make sacrifices for our freedom, I have come to one conclusion...

Some were meant to live for freedom, 
and some were meant to die for it. 

No matter which, we should NEVER take it for granted.


Eights on the Move said...

I had no idea that this existed in Baltimore - and am bummed that I missed it when visiting there!

Thank you very much for sharing this - and for sharing your husband to protect our country!

Rachel said...

My county too has a piece of the world trade center. We have an I-beam that stands tall next to our police department, fire department and EMS center. My little brother knew something was wrong with it too and he also struggled with understanding the pictures, the silence, the tears. Last year, right around the time we got it, we had a dedication and thinking of that day gives me shivers. Like you said, there is something about being an arms length away from something that was there - that holds the stories of each person that lost their life that day - that is undescribable.

kirstin @ kojodesigns said...

Loving reading a little more about your lives... will continue to pray for your sweet family!