Monday, August 6, 2012

The Droid's Perspective

I have never been happier to have a smart phone than I was at Walter Reed. The cell reception there is pretty much junk (you'd think it wouldn't be with so many sick and hurt who need to keep families updated lol) but I was always snapping pictures with my camera phone then on a day we'd leave base to go grocery shopping I'd upload to Facebook and send out picture messages. I feel like my phone tells the story of that part of our Wounded Warrior journey. I got the news of the attack through my phone, I updated family and friends with it, I cried all over it, and I texted SO much that most of the keys stick now. But it was my constant companion and my link to support.

So here's our life at Walter Reed as the Droid saw it....

Lucy talking to Daddy for the first time after he was wounded. She was tickling him in the phone because she said laughing would make him feel better.

Day 1, happy to just be in the same room again, even if it is a hospital room.

The President and Lucy (out of frame in the corner next to me) share a laugh. We thought she would be shy but they just started laughing together like it was no big deal!

Downtown DC for baseball games, the Armed Forces Gala and THE Army Birthday Ball.

My Amazing Birthday Ball gown that Macy's left the security tag on! (It was an ink bomb so I couldn't remove it and just wore it as an accessory) At least it was a good funny ice breaker. Well...until a 3 star General stepped on it and I nearly had a heart attack thinking I had doused him with permenant ink :P

I can honestly say I actually miss the food at the Warrior Cafe. They have the most incredible chocolate chip muffins that account for like 15 extra pounds on me now.

Goofy Lucy enjoying the giant indoor pool for an Easter Sunday swim!

It made her feel better to use one of his extra canes :)

Someone got to go to preschool and make friends with other Warrior kids!

Daddy, your rehab is exhausting me!

We got the chance to go to an incredible event called The Twilight Tattoo! If you are ever in DC in the summer its a must!!

Monkey see, Monkey do! Though I'm not sure who is the monkey here...I think they both are.

WR fire department! Its actually weird not hearing sirens all the time now.

Hanging out with Red Cross Volunteer Miss Shirley! More about her later. She deserves her very own post.

The Nationals are SO SO SO generous and at nearly every home game they give tickets to their presidential box to wounded warriors and their families at Walter Reed.

One thing that helped Lucy a lot was going to his appointments and seeing how they take care of her Daddy.

That sucks. If it were just regular toilet water I'd be filling up my water bottle! Haha they think we are all nuts here.

Went to the JAG office one day and got a peak at the court room on base :) Its up in "the tower" so I felt really an uber dorky way.

Warrior loves his daughter so much he ignores the pain and crawls into the McDonald's play place on base to have a little fun with her in something she loves.

We were so thrilled to finally push this button on the GPS!!!


Stephanie Hartman said...

You are so strong to stay so positive through all this for your husband and your kids..You Go Girl. I'm so happy y'all are finally getting to go home.

Chantal said...

Love the photos!

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures and so happy that you all are home.

Fran said...

great pictures, thanks for sharing... happy you are all home :)

Sarah said...

Ah, aren't smartphones the best?! I take pretty much all of my photos that way. Not because they're better pics, but it's just way too easy to grab my phone rather than the camera.

Those are some great pics! I'm sure you'll come to love those even more as time passes. I'm so glad you guys are home and getting through this next part. =)

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Great pics! I love the one of Lucy and her daddy walking together. Precious. Hope you all are adjusting to life back at home!

JG said...

I love these, and your new header. You have such a sweet family and a sweet spirit. Thanks for sharing both of them with us.

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing!