Friday, August 10, 2012

Half a year ago...

At about 3 something in the morning six months ago {yesterday} I quietly slipped Lucy's Daddy doll out of her bed. I know that sounds like a horrible mommy move but something big was happening. I needed a piece of him and I was confident my daughter would sleep through the night and wake up to a happy surprise.

I had packed my bag, done my make up and fixed my hair. My mom stayed with Lucy and dad drove me to the hospital. All the while I squatted in the back seat breathing and listening to Tyler Ward on my phone. I lost focus for a few minutes so I could send an email to G.I. Joe. "TAG IS COMING!!!!" was all the subject said. Less than 3 hours of true labor later everyone was caught off guard that we were already announcing his arrival. I sent G.I. Joe another email saying "YOUR SON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!"

I day dreamed in the hospital about how incredible it would be if G.I. Joe were sent home and he surprised me. Wouldn't that be so romantic and make such a great memory?! Plus I was desperate to end the looks of pity on the faces of all the hospital employees. Nurses who weren't even assigned to us would come in just to meet "the one who's husband is in Afghanistan." That got old so fast. I didn't want to seen as a side show, but that's what that hospital stay turned into.

I was definitely shocked to end up introducing G.I. Joe to Tag in another hospital room 2 weeks later...but I got to sit back and watch my boys enjoy their instant bond. And even beyond that I got to watch Tag capture the hearts of every employee that came by. We were no longer pitied. People now came by to see "the youngest warrior baby!" He was like a ray of sunshine to all of our family and to anyone who saw us. They came out of rooms and offices just to look at how peaceful he was.

 I'm so proud of all the joy he has brought to other people in his short life already. Never did I imagine God had planned to use him to bring so much comfort and healing to others. G.I. Joe and I watched as Warrior Transition Unit cadre became refreshed and relaxed after holding him. We saw him bring brief smiles to families who had just lost their loved ones. I'll never forget crying with two of my friends at different times and both would end up laughing and say they couldn't help but smile back at him, even in the midst of tragedy.

Tag, you've had a big life so far. God has amazing plans for you and we are so proud and thankful that He chose us take care of such a blessing.

The week we moved into the Fisher House, which was the first home he has really ever known!

I'm done with pictures, Mommy. Pick me up!

Celebrating at the Navy Lodge with Daddy after being discharged.

Our little dude is always happy.

Watching the Nationals game from behind home plate!


Amber said...

He's adorable! Happy 6 months. I'm going to send you an email when I get a chance, my family is going to the Fisher House at Walter Reed next month (Doc's TBI treatment) and I am hoping to get some info.

You're doing such a great job momma!

Dani Ploscik said...

What a sweet post... and such a beautiful family! I haven't commented much but I still wanted to let me know you've all been in my thoughts & prayers, and I read all your updates this past week. You truly are a WARRIOR family! xo.

Karren said...

Tag is adorable!! Praying your little family is doing well!

Ash Lucy said...

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful post and beautiful family <3

Chantal said...

Happy 6 Months to Tag!

JG said...

He is such a doll! Happy 6 months :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Tag is such a sweet adorable little guy :)
Your sto
Reading your story definitely brought tears to me eyes. It was like reliving when I gave birth to my first [a special little Autistic boy] while my husband was in Iraq. He sustained a T.B.I the day our little guy came into this world - but survived. So I consider myself doubly blessed every year my little guy's birthday rolls around :)

chambanachik said...

What a sweet post.

Brianna Renee said...

In a word: adorable.

My husband was deployed when our daughter was born and I remember secretly hoping he'd be able to make it home and surprise me too. And the nurses thing, yeah, that "bless-your-heart" look was too much.