Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long overdue updates!

I cringe a little when people tell military wives "it gets easier" Haha I couldn't disagree more. I think to say this correctly it should be "you have the potential to handle it better each time, but each time will get harder." My reasoning for that is that yes I may become more "skilled" as an Army Wife as days go by but first and foremost I am a woman passionately in love with my best friend/soul mate. We love each other more each day so every progressive separation does hurt more. Its like each time there is more to miss. So its taken me a little while to pull myself together but I'm doing it. And I found this quote on Pinterest that I'm keeping as my motto to get me through this one..."Don't cry because its over, Smile because it happened." Gotta love Dr. Seuss! I let myself cry for a while and now instead of spending the next however long crying that his time home was so short I'm going to smile that we had that time and that we will have it again.

Now updates on the little ones!

DisneyBaby....hmm. Where to start on this little goofball. Okay well the very good news is that in October I saw my OB for an anatomy ultrasound and had one with the perinatologist. We were super relieved to find out that he is perfectly healthy and growing right on schedule for now. This is big because if by chance something does happen and I go into labor somewhat early he is healthy and will just face the "expected" preemie complications. Its also exciting that I haven't lost anymore fluid and my levels look awesome! The "I wish it were possible to just get a straight answer" news is that as far as my signs/risks for preterm labor all anyone (that's an OB or a peri) can tell me is "You look okay now but that could change at any second." Basically I'm a ticking bomb until February. I may go full term again or my water could break tomorrow. I wasn't dilated 4 weeks ago and my appointment this week was very rushed but my OB and I agreed on a point for my contractions to hit and that at that I'll head to the hospital. Until then we wait and pray that he stays put at least a bit longer. 30 weeks is my goal and I'm currently 24 weeks. This is viable birth but I want to go well past this. Who knows maybe I will just end up having a February 2012 baby after all this! If anyone can predict the future now is the time to speak up :)

 Late 5 month bump...with a little picture high jacker :)

 22 weeks...Daddy was super proud these calf and bicep muscles!
 Very chilled out, like Daddy! 
Totally different from Mommy and Lucy.

Lucy! My girl is 3 years old now and I just can't believe what an awesome kid she is. We had her 3 year check up while G.I. Joe was home. I didn't get her weight stats because she was rather fussy but she's tall and skinny.

G.I. Joe took her out to the car when it was all over that way I could talk to her doctor and we finally nailed down her potty training issues. I told him I tried everything from just letting her go without any pull ups or panties to structured potty training and she just wouldn't have it. She won't even take bribes, ever. For anything. She won't even tell us when she has to go which is a big step. So I told him about our year: G.I. Joe in and out, pregnancy, morning sickness, miscarriage, pregnancy, morning sickness, baby brother coming, G.I. Joe home a little while then gone much longer....her doctor thinks she is such a smart kid she realizes people are supposed to be able to guide their own lives and she feels like she has no control over hers. So she isn't just being stubborn for the sake of putting up a fight and most likely won't take bribes for anything. Having a little grip on something is more valuable to her. He suggested we drop it and just let her be, while also giving her even more choices during the day so she does have more responsibility. This is all working really well because just this past week she started announcing more when she is going!

I feel so much better now. Sometimes it just takes an outside perspective. At first I thought how on earth would I manage all this while G.I. Joe is gone but I feel more confident and less over whelmed. Lucy is so sweet too she just melts all my worries away. Recently she woke up one morning and the first thing out of her mouth was "Mommy, can you take your arms out of the covers so you can hug me?" That makes me feel like we have done something right after all.

Halloween, birthday and Disney pics to come now that I'm all caught up!!



Amyables said...

Aw. . . J, Lucy is such a darling, beautiful big girl! Abbey saw me reading this post, and says "Look, mommy! LUCY!" I cannot believe that she remembers our visit with you, but she does!

Anywhay, DisneyBaby is just precious, and you have all our prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Stay in there little one! :)

haha Abbey just walked up and asked "where's Jacqueline?" . . . LMAO

You have my heart with the potty learning woes. I am just about ready to post about our potty learning experience. . . stability and control was an issue for us as well. You are doing a wonderful job providing loving care for those babies of yours - that beautiful girl will get it! I promise ;) Abbey still has accidents because she waits till the last second to go to the potty - but they are few and far between (and with her history of intestinal surgery. . . I thought #2 would be a heck of a lot more of an issue!)

So, we love you and are thinking about you, and I'll be in prayer about all the things you're handling, girl. You handle it all with such grace.

heather said...

well we did the potty training book camp. it took 4 days and he was trained. and before that he had no interest in going or even getting on the potty. we did day 1 he sat on the potty in front of the tv all day. when he would potty he got up for 15 mins and then got back on the potty until the next time he went. day 2 is the same but when he goes he got up for 30 mins. and then day 3 he got to get up for and hour at a time. and then day 4 he was telling me when he had to go. the best part about this was it trained him for night time too. he was 100% trained by the 4 days and has been since july. since then he has had a handful of accidents and 2 were at night. i had a friend try this first and worked wonders w hers so i figured them worse that could happen was it didnt work. im so glad i tried it and it will be what i do with my future kids.. good luck :)

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Amy that's so cute she remembered!!! I so wish we lived closer together so we could get together more. Big congrats to you guys on making it so far already with the potty training issue! That's a major accomplishment and I know we'll be there at some point too!

Heather, that's good you got the results you were looking for with that tactic. Unfortunately though a lot of parents out there who do extreme training (whether it be for potty, sleep, or whatever) only see the immediate benefits and not the issues it can cause in the long run. We absolutely will not go down that road with Lucy. Like I said, she has had a lot of chaos in her life and because of that she has specific needs. The only way we could do potty training boot camp would be to strap her to the potty (literally) and that's not right. I know it pays immediate parental benefits to force things like potty training in 4 days but because we know Lucy's personality we know that wouldn't be for her. It might take longer like this but we want her to be emotionally/mentally ready and she just hasn't been.

Cassie said...

Praying for a healthy pregnancy, I'm 23 weeks right now.. Due Feb 29, hoping your pregnancy goes full term <3

Sarah said...

Maybe I've just been out of it, but I had no idea you were having any issues with your pregnancy! I hope that Mr. DisneyBaby stays put!!! I wish I could predict the future for you. I'm sure it'd be a nice little ability to have. =)

I agree that the absences don't really get easier to deal with, but I felt like the longer Joe was deployed the better handle I had on things. Of course, I wasn't pregnant and chasing around a 3 year old. You have a lot more on your plate.

No matter what you're dealing with, God will get you through it. It's tough, but sometimes that's when He does his best work. =)

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Thanks Sarah and Cassie! This pregnancy has been so stressful but I know God has a plan and that's what gets me through the rough spots. We appreciate all the prayers!

mama conti said...

Thank you for sharing it helps. My hubby is in drilling for gold and he is gone 10 days at a time home for 4 then back out again. your dr. seuss quote helps me. And hearing how you deal with being mommy alone makes me feel like I am not crazy. what I have learned being just me is that i miss having someone else to validate me and my fears then tell me I am nuts and everything will be ok. Thank you so much for sharing it made my day! Now i need to find the strength to get out of bed and do something productive,lol.