Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I *think* she had an okay time...

Lucy dressed up like Vidia from Tinkerbell and even got to meet her favorite fairy :) 

Well, it was very strange celebrating Lucy's birthday at Disney without G.I. Joe.
There were definitely times that I thought I was going to lose it emotionally.
Like when Lucy kept looking out our Bay Lake Tower window and would point to guys on boats and say "Oh, that's my Daddy! He'll be in soon." 
But the girl had an awesome trip! 
Lots more pics to come as soon as I catch up on laundry and things. 

Thank you soo soooo much to everyone who checked in to see how she is doing.
I think she is getting used to the situation. 
Which is good and bad since he will be home for a very short while in the near-ish future before leaving for a much longer time. 
But we're adjusting. 

Baby news...
Recently we had some issues arise. 
Its not too worrisome yet but my braxton hicks contractions have started.
I have a history of having way too many of these so the doctors just want to keep a close eye on my since I'm only 17 weeks.
I'm so glad they are being careful. 
I saw my OB and a high risk OB (perinatologist) yesterday for a thorough ultrasound.
The baby was sitting breach so they couldn't get a good enough look but so far everything is healthy. 
I go back to the peri in 3 weeks then see my OB a week after that. 
Basically I just have to be a little more careful about what I do for now. 
I'm hoping to put off any level of bedrest as long as I can but its very likely I will end up on it by 6 months if this pregnancy keeps going the same way the last one did. 

This is the one picture the peri gave me yesterday.
A friend of mine on facebook pointed out something I didn't notice.
There is a shape that looks like a heart above the belly! 
Do you see it? :)



Kaylee said...

Congrats on the new little one, I am so behind on my blog reading! It's great that Lucy had a fun birthday!

Katie F said...

Love all the pics. Maybe next year we can meet up at Disney since Gianna will be old enough to enjoy it. That would be so fun! Your 16 week bump is adorable and so is the ultrasound pix. I can't wait to find out what your having. Then I'll have some shopping to do since unlike you I'm not crafty hehe

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe I'm glad she had fun and I'm super glad everything with the baby is good!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your little one had an amazing time, even though her daddy wasn't there to join in on the fun. I know the feeling.

And to your new pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

Mrs.B said...

She looks like she had a blast!
And yes! I see the heart!!!!

Chantal said...

That little heart is so cute!!

I hope you can put off bed rest. That would suck!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Precious profile of your sweet baby!

Sarah said...

Aw, I do see that little heart!! That's really cute. =) I can't wait for my next ultrasound! Glad you guys had a good time at Disney, despite Mr. GI Joe being gone.

Working Mommy said...

what great pictures!


Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

You both look beautiful! Sorry to hear about the slight complications, I have my fingers crossed for you and I'm sure everything will go smoothly :)

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Laura x

heather said...

I totally see the heart.. Too bad he or she wouldn't turn to the side you get a bottom view, maybe you would have been about to see if it was a boy on not. I hate that gi joe wasn't there for the annual disney trip. Yall spend her birthday in the most awesome way. I get the whole routine thing. My hubby is gone monday-thursday every week. He some times has to even leave on sunday so we get 2 days a week with him and then throw in drill so we get about 6 days a month to be together. brennen seems to get used to it but then we have to restart when he maybe gets a week home. If we see anyone in uniform brennen freaks, it breaks my heart. I hope things get better for all soon. rest up :)

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You both look beautiful! Sorry to hear about the slight complications

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Anonymous said...

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