Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cravings are evil. But Pinterest helps!

I think one of the worst pregnancy feelings can be when morning sickness finally eases up and you start craving things. Sure it can be fun to have a craving and find the actual food instantly satisfying, but what about when you crave something you can't have? I'm not talking about alcohol or shark meat. Haha, I mean legit stuff that just isn't accessible.

Case in point:

Half my cravings are for Disney food. I want flatbread pizzas from the Bay Lake Towers, a Dole Whip from Adventureland, chocolate mousse cups from Italy, and a hot dog with fries from Cosmic Rays. (Both of those last 2 need to be covered in cheese sauce.) But its going to be a while before I can get my hands on any of that! Maybe that's a good thing though. I try to eat healthy but if we lived down there I might be up 15 pounds already.

Lucy enjoyed the mousse on her 1st Birthday!

My other major craving that I can't have isn't just something I have to wait a while for. Its the most amazing Strawberry Shortcake the world has known. I haven't had it since I was like 15 but its so yummy its burned into my memory. I would like to just send a Facebook message to the creator of this heaven-in-a-glass but because of who it is and their family connection with certain "Wrong Boyfriend" G.I. Joe and I agreed it was best not to. So now I'm trying to find anything that comes close to being that delish!

This is where Pinterest is my best friend at night. You can find some really creative recipes on there! Which this preggo likes :) I think I'm going to try out a few of these soon so I at least get a Strawberry Shortcake "fix." 

My mouth is watering already! And I won't tell you my "worst" craving. The one that drives me crazy. I will save that for another post.

Speaking of Pinterest. I wanted to announce a new weekly link party I'm starting up. Its called "My Week on Pinterest." That website seems to be like crack to anyone who joins so I thought this would fun! All you have to do is post a blog during the week of the favorite things you pinned. It can be all from one type of category or a bunch of things you liked. Then link up! The party will run each week from Thursday night through Sunday night. So there will be plenty of time. Then others can check out your blog AND your pins! (Yeah, I will admit I'm hopelessly addicted. I've even gotten G.I. Joe into spending hours looking at stuff on there.) If you aren't already on Pinterest and still need an invite let me know! I still have a bunch! 

Hopefully by Friday I'll have a button and we can be each others' Pin-enablers!



Sarah said...

Oh, that linky party sounds like a great idea!! You're right, it seems like everyone who joins becomes a Pinterest junkie within days...if not hours! =) And I totally bookmarked that strawberry shortcake sushi recipe. It looks AMAZING! I have a feeling Pinterest is going to help me out in the same way in just a couple months...or less. ;-)

Sarah said...

I love the idea of a Pinterest link party! I'm always posting about the things I find on there!

Semper Wifey said...

I love the "Disney food" cravings! I hope they are easily accessible for you! :)


Lauren M said...

Too bad we couldn't get that one we used to get at Uno's! lol..That one was the best! lol

Live*Laugh*Love said...

I am a new follower on your blog site it would be so kind if you could follow me back in return thank you so much :)