Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You say "fanatic" like its a bad thing. I am again. Finally! Two and a half weeks later. Thank you all SO much for the sweet comments, prayers and support. I'm really happy to be 2.5 months along now! I'm totally in awe that we've made it this far along. My morning sickness this time has been exactly like it was with Lucy: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with NO relief. But thankfully it got a lot worse after my last post and is now letting up. I've felt fairly normal the past couple days and considered posting but I kind of just wanted to bask in only feeling moderately queasy a few times a day.

Now to finally catch up! I'm way behind on picking giveaway winners so I'm extending both giveaways. The Black Baroque Book Art giveaway will end on Friday August 5th and the War Eagle Ring giveaway will end the same day. So you still have time to post new entries! Also, another "business" thing I keep forgetting...if anyone wants a Pinterest invite I have a bunch left. Lol morning sickness cramped my style a bit but normally I'm on that site waaaaaaay too much. Its first come first serve but I think I have like 10. So leave your email addy if you want an invite!

Now on to things I've wanted to post for ages!

I swore I would never go out of my way to attend a Star Wars Weekend but we happened to plan our Disney trip during the first 2 events of the season. It turned out to be totally worth it! It was fun just to see how crazy far out people go with this. It was wicked hot but there were fans there covered head to toe in full costumes and make up. Awesome!

These guys greeted guests on top of the entrance area. 
It was actually entertaining to see the way they interact with the guests.

 I could never get a good angle without being super obvious 
but there was multiple Star Wars tattoos involved here :P

My FAVORITE part of all this...

We found out before we got to Disney that the last day of our trip G.I. Joe's all time favorite movie actor/character, Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch) would be there to sign autographs. 

To save time we came in a side entrance which was less crowded. 
Well, I quickly found out from some "event staff" that if you didn't get a Fast Pass 
at the front entrance, there was "no way" you could meet any of the actors. 

This nearly crushed me because how many chances do you get to meet your childhood action hero like that? Being me, I didn't really except that answer. 

I found the guy in charge who just happened to be working Jeremy's tent. 
He said there were no guarantees but if I waited in line and they got to everyone with a pass Jeremy "may agree to meet us." 

My mom and I switched off standing in line and then I finally brought G.I. Joe over and gave him a cool Boba Fett t-shirt I just bought and told him what was going on. 

We waited and waited. 
And we had time ticking on our FastPasses for the new Star Tours ride.
He wanted to leave because he just didn't think it would happen. 
Lol...but I wouldn't let him.

 Finally when he was supposed to go on his lunch break Jeremy's assistant told him that a soldier had been waiting in line just to see him. 

I wish so bad that I could show you a picture of G.I. Joe's face when he got to meet the real
Boba Fett!

It was like Christmas morning for a 5 year old!
I will never forget them smiling from ear to ear together when they met.

I didn't even know who he was before that day but Jeremy Bulloch is a seriously cool guy.
Not every celebrity would happily hang around like that. 
Mr. Bulloch, thank you for making my soldier's day! 

(Day, week, month, year...haha)

Oh and apparently had we been staying at the Polynesian this time we would have gotten to see George Lucas himself! He was there hanging out one night "off duty" but still made time to sign everything that wasn't nailed down for some kids who were vacationing there with their parents.



Bitchy Army Wife said...

That is great. How exciting for your hubby and wonderful of Jeremy. My husband would have died to meet Jeremy Bulloch. I actually knew who he was without an explanation because of his love of Boba Fett.

Anonymous said...

I want an invite to Pinterest!!!

Melanie Fraticelli

Oh, and congrats on the baby! :D
You were the first ever blog I discovered!

Meghan said...

Omg I am sooooooo jealous. I have been a star wars fanatic since I was 11 and went to star wars days 2 times already. The only person I got to meet was the kid who played young anakin. Blah! If I weren't in hawaii I so would have been at disney world this year. The army had other plans though. :p

Melissa said...

Somehow I missed your last post, but I'm SO excited for you!!! I'll be praying all goes smoothly this time. :)

heather said...

I hate to say i actually had to google the guy and the character name. I have never watched a star wars movie EVER, by choice. But that had to be very exciting for gijoe to finally meet a movie star he loved. There are several people I would flip out to meet...

JG said...

Too cool! What a great guy!

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

wow, what a cool trip! Disney, Star Wars and Stars? Sounds like a blast. Hopefully you got on the ride afterall! Cheers, from your newest follower :)

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Lol I COMPLETELY forgot to add that about the ride! Right after we met Jeremy we hustled over to Star Tours and were still able to use our Fast Pass! So we got to do BOTH!!

That ride is amazing now. I knew it would be 3D but I had no idea it was randomized with scene selection so you will probably not ever ride it the same way twice. It was a perfect end to the perfect day.

Via said...

My husband would geek out over this! Was it Disney World or Disneyland?