Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just color happy.

Also titled: Life, in all its unedited glory!

I love Lucy's outlook on life. She inspires me and challenges me.
Just yesterday I was crying. I was really upset and hurt by some people. 

I can't go into the situation but in addition to feeling like I myself lost something, 
I was worried about Lucy. 

I was upset knowing one day its very possible, 
that she might watch this same situation 
(but with different people involved) unfold. 

I don't want my daughter crying 20 years from now wondering why these people involved don't care about her. I never ever for a second want her to have to wonder if every person on all sides of her family love her. A kid shouldn't have to wonder about that.

I don't want her to experience something like the miscarriage we had and 
have to face some of the reactions that we have 
while also trying to grieve and heal. 

My heart felt so heavy yesterday afternoon I just broke down. 

That's when Lucy took my hand. 

She gave me kisses and hugs.

And finally she looked me in the eye. 

Very simply she handed me a piece of chalk and said...

"Mommy, color happy. Just. color. happy!"

In all the wisdom of her 2.5 years she was saying "Its okay, Mommy. Things look messed up at times. They look sad. But that's when you make the CHOICE to color happy instead." 

And so we did.

Pretty sure I'm the luckiest Mommy on earth :)



Happiness Is A Mood said...

New follower here and that was the sweetest post ever! What a precious little girl you have! :) Love your blog!

chambanachik said...

Gosh, that's beautiful. :)

Our Little Fam said...

she is just soo precious!!

Jen said...

That is incredibly sweet.

Amy said...

Sorry you are going through such a rough time right now. What a sweet girl you have!

Anonymous said...

You have a very smart daughter. Usually it's a child's wisdom that has us healing the quickest. If not for the little ones a lot of us would wallow in the darkness for our whole life. So in the words of Lucy "color happy!"

Tours of the Vatican said...

Two year olds always have the best wisdom! That would have made my year, not just my day. You are very lucky to have such an insightful, loving and adorable daughter. To coloring :)

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Aw thanks ladies! She really is so wise. It takes me a while to figure out these things but its the first thing she comes up with.

And of course I posted this right when blogger when funky last week and a lot of people tried to comment but couldn't. Thank you all who tried and just emailed me instead! You gotta love technology! said...

Very sweet, sometimes it takes our kids to remind us what's important in life :) Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I am now following. love the blog and great tutorial
Would love a follow back
Simply sami

Anonymous said...

Hi, new follower! :) She is beautiful. My kids ask me to color dinos and chickens... happy is a nice change :)

Emily said...

So sweet. Love it. :)