Monday, January 31, 2011

Daisy, you're mine.

As insanely cold as its been this winter I can honestly say its a huge excitement around our house right now that we have both our Disney trips for the year booked. Lucy can't shock there...but even Mommy and Daddy would head down there tomorrow if we could! It will be hard to top the trip we took last September.

Before that Lucy had always been scared of the large characters. 

That's totally normal and some kids don't grow out of that until they are 3 or older. 

But on our first day at EPCOT I saw Lucy's favorite character. 

It was early in the day and there wasn't a line for Daisy so I thought 
what the heck! Lets try this again.

I expected her to cling to my leg and whimper.

Like every other time. 

But she didn't.

She walked right up and shook her hand. 

And hugged this point a line was forming behind us.

And then she decided to take Daisy home. 

Everyone around us thought it was hysterical and just too cute. 

People were snapping pics and couldn't care less about waiting in line a little longer.

Thank God for my Mom and her point-and-shoot camera. I was too excited, and too choked up to think of taking pics.

Its strange to watch your child grow before your very eyes. 

Strange, but incredible. 

It was NOT easy getting her away from Daisy after that!

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heather said...

I love the new header, so cute. I wish I was going to disney. I love that place and now to have seen my son enjoy it right before he turned 2 was the best. Daisy was also the first big character he actually walked up to without crying, a passy or having to be held in the picture and it was also the epcot daisy :) Hope yall have a wonderful time on both trips, even though I am pretty sure yall will. I mean how can you go wrong with a trip to disney, right??

Carrie said...

Too cute! I probably wouldn't have thought to take a photo either. I have a habit of forgetting my camera in memorable moments.

R said...

absolutely ADORABLE :)

(also - I like the new look of the blog, just a few small changes eh? I like it!!)

annoyed army wife said...

That is so cute she shook Daisy's hand!

JG said...

*sigh* I think Disney is out of the running for us this year. I'm still working on him, though, since it's DEFINITELY not a possibility for next year! Love these pics. I can't believe how big Lucy is!

Amanda said...

That is just the cutest darn thing!

Mrs. Gu said...

That is just too cute! I'm not going to lie - I'm insanely jealous you're going to Disney since I've never been. Enjoy and take tons of pictures!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh that is so sweet. My gosh.