Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shana Hight Memorial Necklaces

Okay I promise I'm about to start blogging more than once a week. Last week we were on vacation to celebrate Lucy's birthday (a little early) and we stayed hopping 24/7. So while I'm editing pictures and getting caught up on stuff like that I wanted to share something with you all.

I was contacted by a friend of Shana's mom, named Kim. She's a very sweet and talented jewelry maker. To help Shana's family out with these very unexpected expenses they are coming into she's making these necklaces. They will sell for $20 and all the money will go to the family. This is the glass pendant that will be on them...

There is also some confusion now over whether or not Shana had a separate blog from her Twitter and Myspace accounts. We were originally told she did have a milspouse blog. Now no one can find it so we don't know for sure. But me and a few other bloggers have noticed that 3 of her pictures are extremely familiar. I know I've seen them before I saw them plastered on the news. So I'm digging through every blog post/comment on here to see if she ever commented and going through all the blogs I follow. If you all come across her blog I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the link. Her family would really love to have it (if she did have one) so they have more of her words to keep with them in the days to come.

ETA: I completely lost my head. I should have specified can order these bracelets by contacting Kim Jolley. Her contact info is in that last link. That will take you to her facebook fanpage.


Shayla said...

That is SO NEAT that you were contacted by her family!!!

I am loving the pendant! I may be able to get one at the end of the month!

KatieBoo said...

She lived right around the corner from me. :( I cried when I found out & every time I see the police doing something, at this point I want to know who did it! I pray for her family every night & hope that they get the closure they need & the justice she deserves! :(

That pendant is gorgeous too.