Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lucy's Greatest Hits: Volume 2

I didn't think it was possible but the second year went by faster than the first! 

I always think back to when I was 34 weeks pregnant. 
We had our co-ed baby shower and G.I. Joe got a weekend pass. 
It was one of few times I got to see him during the pregnancy and
I knew it would be the last until I had Lucy.
After the baby shower I had a bit of a panic attack. 
I cried and cried in our room. 
I kept saying "I won't be able to do this! I wasn't ready to go through pregnancy without you and I'm not ready to take care of her without you!" 

The thought of how our lives were about to change really scared me. 
I already knew I loved her, but we hadn't even been allowed to live under the same roof in our marriage at that point because of his orders. 

But he's the best. 

He just held me and said things that I vaguely remember now 
but I do remember they made everything okay.
So I eagerly waited for our little one, 
who had tried to come early several times when it wasn't safe 
just to end up staying put once I hit the 37 week mark. 

She finally arrived on September 23rd, 2008. 

The doctor hadn't arrived.
Neither had G.I. Joe.

But when he walked through that door in his uniform and I handed her to him...

my heart exploded in a way I never imagined. 

Now we're "those" parents. 
We crack up and laugh hysterically over the crazy things our Lucy says.
We watch her sleep and try to resist picking her back up to squeeze and snuggle.
And we quote her one-liners.

She completed us as a family.
And through her whirlwind birth 
and our time together before these last orders ended,
she showed me strength I never knew was there. 

Happy Birthday Love Bug! 
I don't think anything can say it better than what's written on your bedroom wall...

"Angles danced the day you were born." 

 And we have been dancing ever since.

ETA: Check out my mom's blog for a few more cute pics of newborn Lucy when she was in the hospital and Mom's account of her arrival!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great :) happy birthday to the little one!

Sheila said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY precious baby girl :)

I LOVE this post, and ALL of the photos :) what a happy happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Lots of love and hugs from Riley and her mommy!

Goodnight moon said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!!!!! She is adorable in everyway!

All we have to do is blink and it feels like a year has gone by us. I wish we could just "pause" time and be able to soak in every single memory we have of our children.

Enjoy today! Great job "baking". You and hubs made a beautiful daughter!

Jessica said...

Aww, what a great post!

Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Thanks everyone! She still doesn't understand what to say when people say "Happy Birthday Lucy!" Her response to you all is "Happy Birfday to YOU!"

Haha...Moon you are too funny. It was always our joke that G.I. Joe and I got married because we'd make a cute baby :)

Vivianne's Vista said...

She is absolutely precious! It goes by sooooo fast, doesn't it? I wish your family the best.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Amanda said...

what a beautiful little girl! you're definitely blessed. :)

Kaylee said...

What a sweet post - happy birthday to Lucy!!!

Granny said...

I still 'shake my head' at WHY you insisted on natural birthing -- you are MUCH braver than your Mother! But that day was an experience that I will never forget ... I know it would have been so amazing had GI Joe been there with you. But Granny had the experience of a lifetime! Every moment is still so vivid ... even to the time when the nurse was yelling "DON'T PUSH!" and then Lucy made her grand entrance -- on HER timing all along. Now, I have the memories of 'my 2 girls' birth - days. Granddad & Granny are very proud parents & grandparents ~~ Love you all!

Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

Happy birthday Lucy!!!! That was a beautiful post.

liberal army wife said...

OK, so except for my granddaughter - I gotta say this is one of the cutest babies on the planet!


Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! She's a beautiful little girl :)

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Happy birthday Lucy!!! It's just amazing how children change our lives. And enjoy those cute moments and those one-liners because they pass by too quickly. I have no idea how it's possible that my son is 6 and my daughter is 3. I can clearly remember each of them kicking in my belly.

Love the pics. Could Lucy be any cuter?!

Awesome that you're hosting the roundup next week. Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!

She is so precious. I could just eat her up!! I so love that your mom has a blog. =)

JG said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! She is such a beauty!