Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maximum what???

This is an actual sign I found recently at a pool on a military training post.

The post itself is historical.

Men trained there before they parachuted into France on D-Day.
(I'm not a history buff--did I even say anything legit there?)


Its used by soldiers, Navy SEALS, and Marines.

It provided training grounds for Vietnam.

And this is all the class they can muster up.

A little sad, isn't it?

Okay. Maybe it also gave me a giddy little chuckle.

Seriously...what do you see when you read that?
(Leaves you with many questions, doesn't it?)

PS~Thank you so much to everyone who left comments on the last post about your worst fears. I really didn't expect so much openness but I think its wonderful. Knowing we aren't alone and many of us fear for the same things unites us as we walk this path as military wives. I haven't yet even started responding to all the comments but I do promise responses are on the way! Thank you all again for your honesty.


Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Okay I know this was silly but I just needed something to giggle about :P

Carry on.

addicted2shius said...

Seriously awesome! I'm cracking up hysterically

David and Sarah said...

Haha! I love the sign! And your blog is amazing! Thank you so much for the comment as well! I changed the picture and bubbled his name! I didn't even think about it, but will definitely be conscious of it from now on! :)

L said...

So funny! Thank you for sharing. Made me giggle, which was much needed!

Mrs P said...


Ok so maybe it should be a little better considering the historical value and all but I'm still cracking up. Anything that says Poo is definitely HILarious in my book.

Sarah said...

BAhahaha! That's hilarious. And kinda sad.

Yes, you DID say something significant. I'd KILL (ok maybe not, but you get the picture) to be where guys trained before D-Day. D-Day - June 6...Beaches at Normandy...ring any bells?

My name is Sarah, I'm the resident blogging historian. ;-)

Paula Kathlyn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute!

R said...

ick... that's a LOT of poo. LOL :)

Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Bahaha made me giggle too. Love it.

Ash and Matt said...

That sign makes me giggle, too! It reminds me of a sign that was at my great grandma's community pool: "Welcome to the ool. Please notice there is no 'P' in it." Haha!