Monday, March 22, 2010


So...that anniversary G.I. Joe and I celebrated on Saturday?

Someone did guess right!

March 20th was the 1 year anniversary of when G.I. Joe moved home.

That means that for 1 whole year out of our 4 year 3 month marriage, we've lived together like a normal family.


Never has the number 1 amounted to so much.

Since we cannot predict where the future will take us, how many more deployments we'll face, or how much more time G.I. Joe will spend away from us, we took advantage of every moment together. It wasn't always easy. We were "newlyweds" who had been married for 3 years, had a 6 month old baby but had never lived in the same house. Its been fun learning each others habits and going on adventures together.

Over the past year we:

Celebrated Lucy's 1/2 Birthday!

Experienced Lucy's First Easter together.

Went on very many park dates.

Watched Lucy fall in love with the beach.

Got excited when she decided she's a water girl just like Mommy.

Had our first ever 4th of July together.

Took Lucy to the place where we met 10 years ago.

Held each others hand while Lucy had her surgery.

Teared up when we celebrated Lucy's 1st birthday at Disney World.

Picked out pumpkins that weigh more than our little Punkin.

Laughed hysterically at Lucy's reaction to pumpkin slime.

Took Lucy to see snow and Christmas trees.

Decorated gingerbread cookies.

We've been a whole family for an entire year.

It feels good.
And no matter where we go from here...

we'll always be grateful.

That being said, there is more excitement to come.
On the G.I. Joe front: we're 90 days away from our National Guard release and going Active Duty!

And I'll share my exciting news later this week!


Expat Girl said...

Those are all adorable pictures : )

Winnie said...

Is he going AGR? Dh is AGR from the Reserves.

Fairy Footprints said...

Wonderful post.

Just popping in to say have a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I loved this! :)
Yay for 90 days! Whoo hoo!
She looks a lot like him, doesn't she?

Mateya said...

Happy one year :) So exciting to have finally done all of those things together!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I teared up there for a minute! It really is a milestone, having spent an entire year together... especially in the military. Technicially, I haven't had an entire year with Matt since... ever. Wow. But yeah, hopefully this year will be it for us. Our 1! Happy Anniversary ;)

Patience said...

Such cute pictures. I love the pumpkin picture.

K said...

That is exciting!! :) Love the photos btw

Ashley said...

What a sweet post!! You three make an adorable family!! Happy 1 year anniversary as a family!

Katrina said...

Love all the pictures! you guys are such an adorable family! Happy one year "family-versary!"
Have a great week, and can't wait to find out the exciting news!

JG said...

Wow! I guess I forgot you guys were going active. And I can't wait to hear the exciting news.

I don't know the story on Lucy's surgery. Can I hear?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, you guys are too cute!

heather said...

i was wondering how long did it take yall to get the ok from the national guard??? my husband sent his in a little over a month ago. we were told that it could take up to 10 months.. and have yall been told where your going???

Erin said...

Sweet post :) looking forward to hearing your exciting news!

Jessica said...

I just found your blog! I just wanted to say Congrats on one year of living together as a family. I hope you can stop by my blog sometime!

Kasey said...

Sounds like a great year!

HellcatBetty said...

What an adorable little family you have! Beautiful pictures, dear. I'm so happy for you that you've gotten this time with your hubby and daughter... one of the benefits of military wife life - we know to treasure every moment :)

LCpl'sPrincess said...

so very cute! congrats on 1 year!

Christa said...

More exciting news? Dare I say Baby Number 2?! With a whole year at home that could SOOO be a possibility!

look forward to hearing it whatever it is!

Meg said...

I find it kind of amusing how as military wives we celebrate the small things. My husband works every other day normally. However, he's been on leave, so, for the first time since our wedding, we will have spent 2 1/2 weeks together. It's nice, and refreshing, to really be able to enjoy the little things in life.

Melissa said...

You have the cutest little family!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Thanks everyone :)

Meg, I totally remember when I used to say "the longest I've spend with my husband is 3 weeks straight." That was after being married 4 years.

The military can sure make being a family a little more difficult but like others mentioned it makes you appreciate the little things. Like "family-versaries" :)

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Oh...haha...I should also clarify something:

:) I am NOT pregnant. So that's not the exciting news. This news might not actually surprise many of you. I've mentioned it but hopefully by Wednesday afternoon I'll get the officially official word that things are a "go" for this. Its not a huge thing...but its still wicked cool, I think.


Any other guesses?

Lisa said...

What an amazing year. I love the photos and the look back at your life with your daughter and husband. :)

And I very definitely guessed pregnancy... but since you debunked that... hmm.

New job?

Kaili Breanne said...

This is so sweet.. Your daughter is beautiful.

erin said...

Looks like a perfectly wonderful year! Love your picture at the playground where you all met. Its a framer!

Mayra Elisa and Pooh Bear said...

How lovely!!

I bet thsi year has been amazing, so glad you had your family time. =D

Adorable pictures, your photgrapher is good. =D

R said...

Happy anniversary! love the pics :)

and my guess is... your article for Military Spouse Magazine??

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Loved reading and "seeing" the summary of your year. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. My husband has been home 6 months! So we are halfway to a celebration too! I will have to steal your idea and share his how he finally was around for birthdays, halloween, etc. this year.

Charity said...

AWESOME pics! Who's your photographer for the ones where she's in that sweet pink skirt and holding the 'L'?
I especially love that last picture on this post... so cool. Your daughter is a sweetie-pie.