Monday, January 18, 2010

You asked, we answered: Part 1

Here are the answers to your questions. We have really enjoyed reading and discussing them. Some of them we both chimed in on so G.I. Joe's answers will be in green and mine are in pink. Enjoy!

Jen over at Crazy Shenanigans asked: Where's the next place you'd love to live?
I would love to live any place that's warmer then here, but for now I do enjoy living close to my family. After hearing about all the devastation in Haiti its impossible to not be content where you're at. In light of all that, I can deal with the cold weather.
Anywhere except Korea!

Relocationreview asked a number of questions about PCS'ing, like where we've been and how we prepare:
For those who are new to this blog you may not know this already but I've never been able to PCS with G.I. Joe. Right after we got married he left to spend a year in Iraq. Once he returned home he was sent on unaccompanied orders to Fort Dix for over two years. I'm really excited about one day being able to experience a big military move. Living on post will be such a huge change for us. I can't give any good reviews of posts since I've never lived on one but I can answer about how I'll prepare. Because we have Lucy I'll probably be doing a bit of research on what the area will be like that we're moving to. I want to know who the top rated doctors are, what sort of places are around that can help entertain a toddler, and what the weather is like year round. And of course, I'll spend a lot of time getting rid of clutter before we move. I hate the thought of packing up all the stuff we own now! Its too much to lug around! I know when we move my family is going to miss us like crazy...especially Lucy. Dealing with that side of things is what I dread.
Fort Stewart, Georgia has been my favorite by far. Its such a big post but everything you need, like PX and that stuff, are very centralized to the housing area. It's close to Richmond Hill and Savannah so there is lots of fun family stuff to do in all types of weather.
Another great thing is that most of the housing is run by United Communities.
And I have no clue what United Communities even means!

Mrs. Muffins asked: Do you plan on having anymore kids?
No. We are really happy about keeping Lucy an only child. We like that we can focus on just us three and stay a close knit small family. That decision is one we have total peace about but I am still a girl...I get all teary eyed when I see pictures of her as a newborn. I miss those days, and even miss giving birth, but I have no desire to go through any of that with another child. People question us a lot on this, and say really rude things that insinuate that we don't know what we're talking about. But we feel confident that this is what God has for our family.
No. I want a jet ski. Haha...just kidding. But really, no more kids. We're very happy the way we are. Nothing is missing from our family. Except maybe the jet ski.

Did you take photography classes or do you learn on your own?
Thank you so much for asking that. I would love to take a class to improve my photography skills, because I don't consider myself to be great at this point. I just practice, practice, practice. Anyone can take great pictures if they are persistent.There have been days where I've taken over 100 pictures of Lucy. They might not all turn out perfect but I learn from each one. I've always loved pictures but having her is what really threw me into my obsession. I have such a cute little model so why not take pictures every day?
Her awesome awesome husband gave her the program she edits the wonderful pictures on, so he had a hand in it.

Ashley at Let go, Laughing asked: How did you guys meet?
The link to that story is in the right sidebar list of stories about us. I do need to clarify something though. I still need to post the rest of the story. I got a lot of feedback from people saying it was so cute G.I. Joe and I had been together since we were 14. That's only when we met. It took him 5 whole years to get up the courage to ask me out. In that time there were a lot of ups and downs but he was always my best friend...and still is.
If you want the real story, here's my number: 555-shes-always-right. That has too many numbers, but you get the point.

What is your favorite part about being married?

Its like the best date ever that never has to end. Seriously! I get to share my life with the guy who gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me laugh every day. What could be better than that? Even the most ordinary things like cooking dinner or writing a blog post are more fun together.
Everything she said. She took the words right out of my mouth, except I don't give myself butterflies.

Lucy, what do you love most about your Mom and Dad?
My Daddy plays with me at night when I don't go to sleep! Hehehe. My Mommy dresses me in cute clothes so I'm the most stylish baby. And they give great hugs and kisses! Wow...I type good for a 16 month old :)

If you guys could go anywhere for a week, where would you go?
Much to G.I. Joe's chagrin I would have to say Paris. I love the food, the designers, and would love to photograph every inch of that city.
Oh that sounds good, how 'bout we go into their world famous sewer system and you can take pictures of that too? I want to go to Tokyo Disney Seas.

This post was getting really long so I'm going to post these answers in two parts. The second set of questions will come in a day or so. If you have more after reading these please feel free to post them!


Theta Mom said...

I love reading more about you and your life. And I think it's great you know you only want one child. I knew I didn't want more than two and when you are confident in that decision, it takes the pressure off.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I loved this post! I completely agree with you on the warmer weather but I'm liking being near the fam as well.

Amber said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your is so wonderful and your daughter is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

I loved reading your answers - your husband's especially - so funny. Nice to see a man who isn't afraid to blog - lol.

Can't wait to read more!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

You guys seem so happy! I love reading about people who are happy and thankful for what they have. You are an inspiration! You make me want to work on my marriage.

HellcatBetty said...

What a great post!! So much fun reading the responses from the two of you, it's obvious there's a lot of love there! I was especially amused by GIJoe's sarcasm... reminds me of my hubby, although he would likely be more snarky ;)

ModernMom said...

I loved reading about your life! I feel like I know so much more about you now:)

Olah Momma! said...

I thought I'd love to have 2 kiddos. But when our first baby was born, I thought of it again. Now I am not sure:)

Following you from MBC. You can hop in my blog

You can also join us in spreading the word (every weekend) to help Haiti by visiting this link:

Thanks and have a great day!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

yay! love getting to know you more! and love the answer to your favorite part about being married! such a cool way to say it!

Mrs P said...

"No, I want a jetski" hahahaha. That's great.

Ms. P said...

Love your blog... and all the juicy details! xo

Tammy said...

I love your answer to Ms. Muffins about having Lucy as your "only". We too are parents to an "only" a young lady now at 13, a choice we made, and have never regretted. We have asked her over the years if she ever wished she had a sibling, and has assured us with hugs and kisses that a family of three is enough!

Anonymous said...

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