Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommies: Let's talk Chicken Pox!

I'm really happy to say that Lucy is feeling tons better than she was this time last week. But the whole ordeal has G.I. Joe and me thinking hard...about Chicken Pox.

What happened is this: Lucy's high fever started breaking on Monday, after about 3 days of it. As her temperature went down the rash came up. She never had any other symptom other than sudden fever and this awful rash. I did some reading, and called her doctor's office on Tuesday morning. I explained the timeline, how the rash spread, exactly where it started and ended. They agreed 100% that what she had picked up was Roseola, Sixths Disease. That and Fifths Disease are in the Measles family, or somehow related to it. Babies ages 9-21 months are the most likely to get it and its so common that most kids do catch it before they make it to Kindergarten.

All in all, its somewhat harmless. The rash isn't painful or itchy, it just looks terrible. The fever is what you want to watch out for because it starts at 103. Luckily Lucy's didn't go over that. But even though we knew she wasn't itchy it was still so heartbreaking to see her covered with red splotches and totally drained by the fever.

It got us to thinking about the Chicken Pox. When/if she gets those she'll have the fever and rash. Only then the blisters will actually be itchy, maybe even painful. Before this we decided we were going to skip the Chicken Pox vaccine that her doctor has offered. We do vaccinate her, however we do feel like some vaccines are not really necessary. G.I. Joe and I both had the pox when we were kids and we turned out just fine, that was our original thinking. After doing a lot of research we're pretty sure she will be getting the vaccine. Even if she does catch the Chicken Pox at some point after that the fever will be lower and she'll have fewer blisters. Less pain and discomfort. That's what we want for our child.

I want to hear your experiences with Chicken Pox.

Moms of big kids: Have your kids had the pox? If bad was the experience? Knowing how it is would you go back in time and vaccinate if you could have?

Moms-to-be and Mommies of young babies/toddlers: Are you planning to or have you gotten this vaccine? What caused you to go for it, or turn it down? Any regrets about the decision?

Even splotchy she can't help but be precious.
(Its hard to tell here how dark the rash got)

Mommy, I'm not  feelin' so good.

Tired. Very Tired. But still trying to do her favorite things.
Like taking Granny for a walk!

Before even being recovered she's trying to go back to Disney!


M {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

My ped asked me this: If you knew for sure that Lucy would get chicken pox next week, would you get the shot?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad she's doing soo much better!!!

aledol said...

I have had all 4 of my kiddos(18, 12, 8, 8) major side effects, same as other vaccines, mild crankies, I gave them all Tylenol ahead of time. I am SO GLAD I did, as I got CP @ age 24 & I was MISERABLE;( Terrible;( I missed almost a mo of work.. by some miracle I found out 1 1/2 mo later I was pg..Drs had not seen anything like it, I just barely missed window of anything bad happening to my baby, so it was double "whew!" I am like my Mama, weird anomalies w Med Prob-if you can think it, chances we have had it!!!! Good Luck & I'm glad she's doing better;):)

Melissa said...

We got my son vaccinated but he still got them... he was a little over 2 at the time.

They were "harmless." He was contagious and we had to stay home (which ended up being great because we did a potty training boot camp and he was virtually potty trained by the end of the ordeal).

He was not itchy. He didn't have a fever. He didn't even seem to realize he was "sick."

Here was my blog post about it:

Good luck!

Amanda said...

My elementary school child brought home chicken pox to his toddler brother after the little one had his 1st chicken pox vaccine. The rash was so mild, it took 3 doctors to correctly diagnose it. It was only on his legs too. The baby wasn't in any pain or itching that I could tell. In fact, after a couple days of fever and runny nose, he seemed fine. I think the rash bothered us more than it did him. I just hate to think of people we could have exposed because we were told it was atopic dermatitis. We didn't know it was chicken pox until it he was pretty much past the contagious stage because the first 2 doctors we had seen obviously didn't have experience with mild cases. When we finally got in with our regular doctor, he said it's very common for kids who have had the vaccine to get it on only one body part.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in these responses too. We haven't been offered the vaccine yet, but I'm interested to know what other mothers have to say.

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

One of the main reasons I vaccinated my 3 boys for Chicken Pox is because I have never had them and as I'm sure many have heard, if you get them as an adult, they become much more dangerous.

I really debated though because I too believe that some vaccines are unnecessary but after really talking it through with my doctor and husband, we decided that it would be best for all of us.

My kids have not had the chicken pox even with the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

My boys are (almost) 14 and 12. Unfortunately, when they were little, we never questions the vaccination thing, so they both got all theirs up until about the age of 4. When we read about the possible connections between certain vaccinations and autism, we became more selective.

After getting the chicken pox shots, neither of them have had it. I still worry about them getting shingles when they're older though.

Ottavia said...

Both my boys are vaccined for chicken pox. I don't believe its necessary to put them thorough the discomfort of chicken pox and suffer, when there is preventation out there!

Three weeks after my 1 year old got his shot, he broke out in head to toe hives. At first I thought it was the shot, but it wasn't.
It was worse, might be a allergy to nuts!!

Good luck with your choice. At the end of the day, make the choice that is right for you and your family.

The Lady said...

So sorry Lucy was sick!! Poor baby and poor mom and dad!

Dax has not had it yet... but he will next week. After weighing all the options we've decided to.

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

That's for all the great input, ladies! I really appreciate it. I'm sure now we will get the vaccine.

A couple things have come to mind lately that pushed me more in that direction. For one, people can get those blisters in their ears, throat and even on their eyes. I do not want that for Lucy at all.

Another thing I don't want to chance: her growing up and not getting them until she's got a baby of her own on the way.

If we can safely prevent any of that, then we will.

Julie the Army Wife said...

At first I wasn't going to do the chicken pox vax. I figured they could get it naturally and then have the immunity. I changed my mind for 2 reasons. The 1st was that we were moving to Germany in a smallish military community and I felt the chance to get it there (where I assumed most children were vaccinated) was very low.

I also knew that more and more parents are getting this vaccine so less and less children were not going to get the disease. Because of this I would worry they would not get it naturally and risk getting it at an older age.

It was a hard choice but I feel very comfortable with it right now.