Sunday, January 3, 2010


That's how I feel.

Anyone else find it hard to get motivated after the holidays? Sure I'm itching to read a new book, finally learn how to work my sewing machine, or start writing my book proposal. But I don't feel motivated to get to anything "less fun" like cleaning and laundry. So I'm dragging. I need to get our Christmas pictures edited soon to post so in the meantime here are a few "best of" moments from the G.I. Joe's. We were discussing these on New Year's Eve and thought they would be fun to share:

January: The one year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant! G.I. Joe's memory from that day.

February: Lucy's first Valentine's Day and my first birthday as a Mommy.

March: G.I. Joe moved back home after spending over 2 years stationed in New Jersey.

April: Being able to share holidays and milestones as a whole family.

May: Our first family vacation: the beach! And Lucy's dedication on Mother's Day.

June: Spending ordinary days with the loves of my life.

July: Going on crazy zoo adventures with a 10 month old.

August: Hearing the nurse say that Lucy was out of surgery.

September: Celebrating the birth and first year of our little love bug, Lucy. Check out the rest of the September posts too. Its so hard for me to pick favorites because I did a post a day with lots of Lucy cuteness!

October: Daddy and Lucy bond over pumpkins.

November: Celebrating our veteran...who we couldn't be more proud of.

December: Actually getting to experience Christmas joy.

Here is a little Lucy fix until I can get our pictures edited.

Catching up on emails.

Cutest. Mess. Ever.

In a few days (hopefully) I'll be back to share some exciting little bits of news with you. Well, they are exciting for us. Anyone want to throw out some guesses as to what they might be or involve???


Anonymous said...

I need to get Riley a laptop like Lucy's!
My guess is new orders? Moving?

Anonymous said...

Did you finally get things squared away with his release from the NG??

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

your little one is so dang cute!!

oh and after checking out your March post, just wanted to say that I love Kenny Loggins :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

If you tell me you're pregnant again I'm going to have a big big smile for you!!

aledol said...

you're Pregnant;);)
GI Joe is home for Good
I had these guesses before I read anything I promise!!
BTW when Is Lucy's BDay? Sept? Mine is 7, anniv is 9, one of son's is 21-his due date;);) just curious as I was reading I picked up on that!!
Happy New Year-and yes.I feel so lazy, but I am still recov from maj surgery so I get another 6 wk reprieve-act doc said 6-8 mo since I lost so much blood;(

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Haha...okay I'm mean, I know. I'm loving all these guesses. :)

Because I don't want my family to think I'm trying to make "that" kind of announcement through the blog I will say that I'm not pregnant. That's a good guess though. People start to wonder about those things after a baby turns one.

Keep 'em coming! One exciting thing does relate to G.I. Joe's work and another relates more to me.

Working Mommy said...

She is just the cutest!! I love that last picture - like she's saying, "I didn't do it, mom, I swear! The strawberry is still on the plate!"


Courtney said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! I found out I was pregnant 2 years ago January 7th! It is a great month!

April (Mama is on the Potty) said...

SOOO Stinking CUTE!

ZenMom said...

How adorable! I'm also feeling very lazy, but school starts tomorrow and that will whip me into shape fast.

Mrs P said...

What a cute way to remember the year!!! It is hard to get motivated for me any day, so the new year is just another excuse lately. Maybe after baby is born...?? haha. Hope you get yourself in gear!

Kiera said...