Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We aren't good at giving gifts.

G.I. Joe and I are worse than a couple of 8 year olds when it comes to presents. We spend weeks stockpiling and creating things for each other and then usually can't wait until Christmas to exchange them. This year we made it all the way to Christmas Eve! That's huge for us. One year we opened all our gifts, stockings included, on December 19th. Why? Because we just get so excited about surprising each other.

Having him snowed out helped us hold off. On our anniversary (Christmas Eve) we opened everything. Our favorite thing to do is homemade gifts. This year for our 4th anniversary I made him a "Love Bucket" with 24 random reasons why I love him.

G.I. Joe went all out and made me this "trophy" of our 4 years together.

His Christmas present was the trip to Louisiana so he didn't unwrap much but he took my breath away with this memory box he made me. He did all the painting and even had fake snow and twinkle lights inside.

The box included a snow globe with the face of the most precious angel I've ever seen.

There was also another smaller box inside from that angel.

Lucy hand painted Mommy 2 very special Christmas ornaments.

Next up I'll have to do a whole post just dedicated to Lucy's Christmas adventures.
This post was pretty much just meant to be a random brag on how great my husband is.
You ladies may now proceed to "ooh" and "aww."

Thank you again, Babe! You really out did yourself this year. I don't think you'll ever be able to top it!


Amy said...

How sweet! You guys came up with some really neat and creative gifts.

Katie F said...

Wow you married a sweetheart! How creative and thoughtful! Def a christmas and anniversary to remember!

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

So. Sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness. I am officially jealous. That gift he gave you is one of the most precious and creative gifts I have ever seen. You are such a lucky lady. :)

And I can never wait to give Nate his gifts either! This was the first time in our relationship I was able to wait til the day to give it to him!!

Anonymous said...

I am "awwing!!!" Awww! :)

Working Mommy said...

How thoughtful!!! Mine is like that too - minus the creative edge! Hopefully when the babe grows up she can teach him a thing or two - because I'm not having any luck :)


Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

That's amazing! Mine would never think of anything like that!

Following from MBC!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm loving all those gifts!

Courtney said...

Your memory box is awesome!! You all sound like Aaron and I! We never wait until Christmas to give each gifts!