Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Post 10 Bonus Entries

In the spirit of the holidays, I've decided to add one more way to post bonus entries for each of the giveaways going on now. The Mrs. Smith's Bag giveaway is the first one to end and that will be tomorrow night at 9, Eastern time. If you post a blog about your favorite charity organization to give to during the holidays or throughout the year, then come back here and leave 10 entries for each giveaway you want to enter that's currently going on. Just be sure to leave a link to your post in one of the comments. No need to link back here or mention the Merry Mommies Christmas Carnival in your post. Just tell your readers what organization/s you like to support and why others should hear about the group. You can also do this by posting a note on Facebook if you don't have a blog of your own.

In our house we like to support Soldier's Angles, Make a Wish, St. Jude's, and Help Hospitalized Veterans. Those are year round things we do. Since becoming a parent I've found that I really can't watch a St. Jude's or Make A Wish commercial with dry eyes. I'm sure most parents feel that way because you can't help but think of how blessed you are that your child is healthy but at the same time have your heart ache for those families.

I also highly recommend checking out how you can help at your local Food Banks. They help provide nutritious meals all year for those affected by hunger.

So, what are some holiday programs you participate in? Post about it and remind others to pass on the Christmas spirit. Extra entries for the Mrs. Smith's Bag giveaway still must be posted by 9 PM tomorrow night.


Brodie said...

Found your blog on SITS, very cute blog!

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

Looking forward to seeing other people's posts about charities!

Mama Campbell said...

I blogged about my support for the March of Dimes in my blog about my preemie in November ( does this count? ;) Or should I write a new blog up?