Saturday, November 28, 2009

We need more "Baby's 2nd _______" cards.

Ever since Halloween a lot of stores have been stocking t-shirts, onesies, and greeting cards with the words "Baby's First Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas." I have to say that hasn't been a joy for me to see. I keep looking at these things and welling up because "last year at this time Lucy was so tiny." And "we'll never have a first holiday again." It was beginning to get depressing. Yes, I miss the teeny tiny baby Lucy was but we have so much fun now. I never got bored with her as a newborn but this stage she's at now brings constant laughter and excitement to our lives.

Last year at Thanksgiving Lucy was 2 month old. She got to celebrate the holiday twice, at home with my family and then we took her to Jersey to visit Daddy since he didn't get a weekend pass. Through both Thanksgivings, she slept. Christmas was no different. We went way overboard buying her things and wrapping them perfectly but she didn't care much. By that time she was still only 3 months old.

Tiny SleepHead... 2008

Baby's first Christmas and first Thanksgiving were very special for us, no doubt. But this year we get the joy of watching her celebrate the holidays instead of sleeping through them. How did Lucy celebrate Thanksgiving? She ate mashed potatoes at her Great-Grandparents' house, played games with her cousins, carried on conversations with anyone around who wanted to talk about "momma" or "baby," and walked all over the house to examine the pretty fall decorations. Lucy even won some prizes during our family's version of the game "Dirty Santa." Its a tradition to play that at each family gathering and this year Lucy got in on the action!

So, why are there no "Baby's Second _______" cards? You could also label it "First Thanksgiving as a Toddler!" That should be a big deal. I know for our family this second Thanksgiving with Lucy was incredible. Hallmark might not deem it worth of a greeting card...but why should they get to decide what is a special occasion and what isn't?

Lucy waiting patiently for her numbers in Dirty Santa to be called.

Her prizes didn't stay wrapped very long.
From the way she ripped into them I think she'll actually enjoy Christmas this year!


Christine said...

awww I think there should be things for babies second....I was only a week old at my first christmas. So i'm pretty sure my mom felt the same way! I know I would feel just like you

Theta Mom said...

Both of my kids first Christmas's, they were just 3 momths old...I know what you mean. And that first picture, was that in NJ?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful Christmas and her first one!

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with you. They should make those.

You should do it... make some extra cash. ;-)

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

They should make cards, the 2nd is just as special! I'm following from MBC. I hope you will check out my blog when you get a chance.

Sabriam - said...

hmmmm...good idea!!!

loving your blog - check out my babies if you get the chance :)