Thursday, November 12, 2009

She toddles.

Since Lucy is almost 14 months we figured we better hurry up and have the rest of her "1 year" pictures made. I know most of what I've been posting lately has just been pictures so here's a little update on us:

  • G.I. Joe is still waiting on orders, so we're enjoying our family time and trying not to be impatient.
  • I've just started editing the manuscript for my book, which is scary and exciting.
  • Lucy loves to run, play hide and seek, color, feed herself, sign "I love you," and scratch under her arms when we ask her "What do monkeys do?"

Her pitiful face that melts all our hearts.

Little Ham. I love it.

"I'm the boss!"

Showing off for the camera.

Our little "Big Girl!"

This weekend I'll be posting a full list of the items that will be given away during the Merry Mommies Christmas Carnival. If you haven't put the button on your blog yet you can still do so and get 2 extra entries in all the giveaways. Just leave a comment and let me know you have one up before the 16th!


Sarah Chang said...

Very cute! I need to have some photos taken of my LO soon. That's so great that you are working on a book. What is the topic?

(army)Wife said...

Those pictures are adorable!!

Also, I just came across an awesome blog called Miss Snark's First Victim ( that seems right up your alley. Once a month she hosts a "Secret Agent Contest." In a nutshell, you submit the first 250 words of your manuscript, she posts it, and then her readers, plus one mystery agent will critique your work. The point is that by the end hopefully several agents will have read your excerpt and will want to read more! She just had a post about 2 co-authors who entered the contest in February and a few weeks ago they signed with an agent and they're book is going to be published in 2011.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

She looks like a very happy toddler! Stopping by from SITS. I've added your giveaway button to my sidebar at

Christina said...

She's so precious. Love how well her personality comes out in the photos -- you must just melt!

butterfly11780 said...

Found you on the new Blog Followers group. Love your blog. My youngest is now 15 months. Having girls is the best! Your little one is absolutely beautiful!

butterfly11780 said...

Oh and adding your button to my blog.

Vic said...

Oh how I need to get professional photos of the girls.....I love the black background...she's so sweet:)

Hope ya'll feel better too...Being sick sucks boogies:!!!

Kristina said...

Testing something. Hope we get this figured out soon!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...
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chubbydove said...

lots of luck on your book, she is sooo cute, inspires me to take more pics of lil one before she is not so little anymore

The Celluloid Vision said...

Aww! She's so adorable, and you take some really beautiful pictures!

I will keep dropping by to read more... And yes, thanks for the follow! :)

Amy said...

great pics. what a cutie!