Thursday, September 24, 2009

What can she do?

Since our little Love Bug is 12 months old now I thought I would post an update on all the things she's doing. Parents just love bragging about this stuff, don't we?

She claps when she does something she knows is cute.

She crawls at the speed of 2010 Mustang.

She cruises with the grace of one of Donald Trump's yachts.

She talks constantly.

She waves, and knows how to do the motion for "Come here!"

She blames Daddy when she farts.

She can point to anything she desires to play with.

She can stand and take steps by herself, but she'd rather be holding a hand.

She giggles hysterically anytime someone sneezes.

She dances.

She's a singer/song writer. The songs she makes up are mostly about magical La-La's, babies, and bubbles.

She loves to share her Goldfishies and Cheerios with anyone sitting nearby.

She recognizes strangers, and lets them know that they are strange.

She loves to play Peek-a-boo when someone says "Lucy, hide!"

She gives hugs and kisses.

She does not sleep through the night.

She is still eating a lot of Stage 2 foods.

Much to Mommy's dismay, she's realized she can climb up stairs.

Sometimes she's ahead for her age, and sometimes she's behind.

One day she'll be doing it all. For now, she does things at her own speed.


Lisa Anne said...

She's beautiful!

Theta Mom said...

She's on the move! My little bambima only says DA DA, so I'm so jealous that you have a talker! This is when they get to be fun and their personalities come out. :)

Life Happens During Naptime said...

Hahah I love that "she recogninzes strangers and lets them know they are strange." Moose is the same way! People always say he is so serious. He's really not (see dancing video) he's just suspicious of new people. And isn't it wonderful when they start climbing stairs. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

The fact that she can blame her daddy for her farts is beyond hysterical! I love it!