Sunday, September 13, 2009

Until then.

Yesterday was not the first party held in honor of our little Lucy. Last August when I was 34 weeks pregnant we had a baby shower. We were all praying I wouldn't go into labor at that point but it was possible. G.I. Joe was given his last weekend pass for the party. I knew that after he left, the morning following the party, I wouldn't see him again until I was in the hospital having Lucy. Once all the guest left the party I had a major meltdown. He was so sweet and held me while I cried. I was so sad that our time as "just the 2 of us" was coming to end, excited that having the baby shower meant at some point in the not so distant future I'd be holding my sweet girl, and I was scared to death about probably doing it alone. Ahh, the many tangled emotions of a pregnant chick. Its exhausting!

To stall G.I. Joe from leaving the next morning I convinced him to stick around and take some maternity pictures with me. I love these.

We ended up with almost 500 hundred pictures from Lucy's birthday party yesterday! I can't wait to share them but I have to go through and edit first. I'll be posting them in different sets soon. We had such a wonderful time celebrating Lucy. She was a bit tired during the party. The excitement of everything totally ruined her afternoon nap. But she was able to doze on Mommy's shoulder. Thank you so much to all who came to the party! I know Lucy won't remember it but she will always be able to look at the pictures and videos and see how loved she is.

Lucy's 1st Birthday is now only 10 days away!


Lisa Anne said...

Great photos. I love how they are black and white and the ribbon or the flower is in color. I love them. I'm sorry he has to leave again, you're a strong woman it will be ok.

Anonymous said...

I love those maternity pictures. I really wish we had done some while I was pregnant. :-/
I'm glad the party was such a success. :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad the party was a success. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Tero said...

Glad the party went well. Can't wait to see all of the pics. These pics are so sweet. It's always fun to look back.