Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twas the night before Lucy.

Just 1 more day until Lucy's 1st birthday!


Lisa Anne said...

Wow that was amazing. I love the song and the pictures were perfect. I cannot wait for the 2nd part of it tomorrow. Great job!!

Life Happens During Naptime said...

Aww this made me teary! Stupid hormones.

Shanda said...

Hey girl! I just love your blog. I check daily....and sometimes nightly. Not sure but that may be considered stalking. Ha ha. I love to see pictures of Lucy as well as the stories you tell about how you and Michael met and fell in love. Your story would make an awesome novel! Please keep the stories coming as well as the pictures. Katelyn (my 15 month old) loves looking at her pal Lucy too and I enjoyed watching my baby girl dance to your Montage. Chat with you later.