Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Mommy Confessions

By the end of this week we'll be buying Lucy her new "big girl" convertible car seat. Its gotten me to thinking a lot about her first car ride and those first few nights home with her.

A few confessions from The G.I. Joes' new parents adventures:
~Before I left the hospital I spent about 15 minutes talking with my discharge nurse about dressing Lucy. I was so scared I would have no clue if she was too hot or too cold.
~For the first month I was scared to walk up and down the steps holding her. So, I avoided that at all costs.
~We were both so scared that she would stop breathing in the middle of the night or choke on her spit that we left our closet light on and aimed her bassinet at it so all we had to do was look at her to see her chest rise and fall.
~The light stayed on for a couple months.
~Despite having that light on, we were still really paranoid. The whole time G.I. Joe was home on leave he would stay up and let her sleep on his chest and watch That 70's Show dvd's, then hand her to me for feedings.
~When he left it was so hard for me to relax about no one staying up to watch her sleep.
~The smell of A & D ointment and the theme song to That 70's Show make us feel like we're right back in September 2008 again. And of course, that makes me cry a little.

Lucy's first car ride...September 25th, 2008. Because it was rainy so G.I. Joe drove home at snail speed.

She wouldn't be Lucy if she wasn't doing something dramatic with her arms, even at 3 days old!

I miss the way she used to fit on a pillow like that.


JennyMac said...

What a perfect little baby!

Lisa Anne said...

Great photos. I use to worry to about my son stopping breathing in his crib. I had one of those pads that would beep if the baby stopped breathing. It worked as it never went off. I was worried it would malfunction and go off for no reason and scare me but it didn't. I also had my son sleep in my bed all the time. I was single with a queen size bed so that eased my fears. To this day though my son sleeps on the floor in my room every now and then. lol

Anonymous said...

Can I just say how great you look for having just had a baby in that one picture? Geeze. :)
And I love the smell of A & D ointment. Its probably one of my favorite smells.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I love her little mittens!