Thursday, September 17, 2009

Never a dull moment

One year ago I was sitting and waiting. Throughout the pregnancy Lucy kept me guessing. Between weeks 26-34 I wracked up 3 admissions to Labor and Delivery and started a nice little collection of hospital bracelets. Then when it was finally "safe" for her to be born, she decided to make me wait it out. True to "Lucy form" though, once she decided she was ready...her birth was interesting, to say the least. It was a far cry from the normal birth I had always imagined.

A year later and she's still keeping me on my toes!

In Lucy's defense, the finger painting was "mommy encouraged." We were trying to make a present to give to Daddy on Lucy's birthday. It was going to be a picture of them two in a frame that was covered with Lucy's finger paintings. Great idea right?

It started out that way, but as you can tell from that first picture...she decided that painting paper was boring. Painting babies, and Mommy, is way more fun. We might not have a nice little picture frame for Daddy, but he had a blast watching all this take place. The fun we have together as a little family is way more valuable than material thing.

This finger paint is edible and perfect for toddlers. Lucy didn't bother to try any. You can see from the cake pictures below she doesn't like to try new things! That's convenient when it comes to paint, but not when you're trying to introduce new foods.
You can find a link to the paint recipe here.


Life Happens During Naptime said...

That paint is so cool! And edible?! I have to get some for Moose!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

It is really awesome to play with. My only complaint is that it smells a little gross when you cook it. The only ingredients are flour, water, and food coloring. So I imagine that even had Lucy dared to taste it she wouldn't have tried it a second time.

Anonymous said...

I'm SHOCKED that her face is spotless during the painting! I found another recipe that uses jello powder or kool aid, but that seems like it would be TOO sugary for a baby/toddler. You should've had a big poster board and made body prints with her! lol

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Haha...I think I might do that next time. Lucy's a lot like me as a kid. I never liked anything to get me dirty, especially my face! :) We're so prissy. She did this with the cake icing too. Mommy is the one who she smears with stuff, not her.

I'm still surprised she even like putting her hands in the paint!

Lisa Anne said...

I love finger paints. Is it wrong that I get just as messy as she does when I finger paint?