Monday, September 28, 2009

Google won't tell you that.

When Lucy was 7 days old I turned to G.I. Joe and said, "Do you think there is something wrong with her???"

He laughed off my worries. "No, Babe. She's an eency-weency baby. She just needs a lot of sleep."

But something wasn't right. All the books say newborns typically sleep 16- maybe 20 hours a day.
Lucy was sleeping somewhere around 22 hours a day!

I did what I always do when faced with a new perplexing situation. Its what everyone in our generation does...I Googled. Lo and behold, even Google agreed with me. Lucy was sleeping more than newborns were "supposed to."

At her next doctor's appointment I asked him, "Is she awake enough? Do I need to wake her up more?"

My concerns were brushed off again. "Is she awake enough to eat when she's hungry? Then, nope. There's nothing wrong with her."

Now here we are. Twelve months later. I again ask the question, "Is there something wrong with her?" She won't sleep like "normal" kids her age. Again, I turn to Google for answers.

I'm not sure why I do that. Maybe its the convenience of modern technology. I shouldn't do that though. Google failed me a year ago. Last year if Google were so smart it would have given me a good iShake through the computer and said "ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!!!!"

I probably wouldn't have listened anyway. Even after the doctor told me not to worry about Lucy's tendency to sleep the day away back then, I still worried about her not being "normal." Its possible Lucy's stubborn streak may have come from me. Funny how back then I lost sleep worrying she was sleeping too much, now we're all just losing sleep!


Life Happens During Naptime said...

Hahaha. Yeah. I am always googling stuff about health concerns and remedies even though I know I shouldn't. Why we do it? I have no clue.

Lisa said...

I google everything. lol I think it's just easier.

Tero said...

Google offender here... and FB as well. I totally check w/ my been there done that moms on FB too. ha ha!

Penny D. said...

lol. I google EVERYTHING! Not just for myself, if someone tells me they think something is wrong with so and so, I will google it and relay the information. I just can't help it!

I was blog hopping and stumbled across your blog :) Thought I should probably comment!

Lucy said...

That is too funny. If only we all knew in the beginning that sleep as we know it is over. By the way my husband says my middle name is google so dont feel bad:)