Sunday, September 6, 2009


Before Lucy was born I said I would never co-sleep. Turns out the old "never say never" expression is correct! From the first time I put her in her crib (here at 2 months) she's only cared to play in it.

I would love to know what song was playing in her head while she was bobbing and dancing.

Lucy's first Christmas tree...wasn't taken down until a couple months ago!

Mommy, with "the bundle" after a long night of decorating.

I'm not at all trying to wish away time, because Lord knows I want September to last for a while...but I'm so excited that this Christmas Lucy will actually be alert and know what's going on! On the other hand, those snuggles were nice during the winter nights.


The Grown-Up Child said...

What a gorgeous baby! My children are both fall babies too. I remember how special their first Christmas' were! My daughter will have her second Christmas this year as well and you are right; she's not even the same kid!

I love your blog, over from SITS. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, those are such sweet pictures. PS: I love that white tree!

yonca said...

Those are beautiful pictures!
What a cute baby!!!
Have a great afternoon!

One Dream Two Hearts said...

Saw you from SITS! Your daughter is adorable!!!! And I love your Christmas tree!! You have to put it back up I would have left it up all year! :)