Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She crawled away...and I couldn't be more proud.

Today at gym class Lucy did something very odd.

She crawled away from me and right to "Rompy." He's the gym's mascot, and even though he's a cute stuffed dog, he often scares her. Rompy comes out to welcome the babies during their first song time and to say goodbye when gym is over. Usually she just recoils into me and fusses when he approaches her.

But soon as Rompy was about to leave Lucy started crawling after him! I was so excited. Like many babies out there, Lucy can be a little uneasy in certain crowds or strange situations. Lately though we've watched our extremely sensitive little princess come out of her shell and overcome some of her social anxiety. At the beach she was okay when strangers came up to "ooh" and "aahh" over her cuteness. Then today she's ready to run after a scary dog?

I'm so happy about all these little things because I enjoy it when others get to see Lucy's sweet personality, and not just her clinging-to-Mommy side. People have been quick in the past to say, "You should be doing_____ so that she'll _________." Well, you know what? We have "spoiled" her a little. And we haven't shoved her into premature independence. But that's perfectly okay. In her own time she's coming out of her shell.

Lucy is the baby at gym class who doesn't steal toys from other babies, she doesn't push them or hit anyone. She's the only baby at class who doesn't do that. It might have taken her a little while longer than other babies to get used to strangers being in her face but so what? Maybe we're doing something right after all!


All About Aleigha said...

That's cute, her crawling after the dog. Aleigha was the same way. She's going on 17 months & is just now really getting off of my hip :) Lucy is getting to that really fun stage. Yall are gonna have a blast.

Jacqueline said...

:) Haha, I probably should have mentioned that Lucy only crawled like 4 feet away from before turning back to look at me like "You come too Mommy!"

But yes, this stage is so fun! And I think Lucy will still be mostly on my hip for a while. I don't get why that's such a terrible thing to some people! Oh well.

Marge said...

Nothing wrong with babies taking each others toys though:) Its funny when one baby takes a toy and another baby takes it back, haha! Its cute.

I'm glad to hear Lucy is venturing out. Every baby does it when they're ready. Riley's always been super independent even with being held a lot. So keep spoiling Lucy, she'll do fine.

Annette said...

Go Lucy! It's bittersweet moments like this that make our days memorable!