Thursday, July 23, 2009

Date with a Top Doc

The date is set for Lucy's surgery. It will be Monday August 31st, very early in the morning. I probably don't need to say that Mommy is very nervous about this.

We had a consultation of sorts a couple days ago and it was difficult. Lucy was tired, hungry, in pain because of her teeth, and a little scared because of how insanely loud the doctor's office happened to be. G.I. Joe did most of the talking with our Top Doc while I was trying to console Lucy but I got the nuts and bolts:

The procedure will last less than 30 minutes.
She can't eat anything after midnight (which is why they are going to do it early in the morning).
Recovery time will be quick.
One small cut, a wiggle of the tendon, and that little curly toe will pop right into place.
She can take "a special toy or blanket into surgery" if she needs.

It will be so quick and she'll never remember. I know this is going to be harder on me than it will be on her. She'll forget but I'll have the image of my perfect baby girl being rolled into surgery with her sweet little arms wrapped around her Babydoll. I keep reminding myself that she'll be fine, she's in good hands, and all that. But Mommies can't help but worry some, am I right? One good thing though about us doing this in August instead of September or October is that it will be over and healed before her birthday. Please keep Lucy in your prayers. I think I'm mostly just nervous about them putting her to sleep, more than I am about the actual procedure.

Enough of that talk. Lucy is exactly 10 months old today! As a little birthday present for herself she decided yesterday that it was time to start crawling. We really didn't think she would crawl at all because she is way more interesting in walking. Then yesterday, at Baby Gym Class, she just started crawling out of nowhere! Go figure that one. This girl is always surprising us!

After we get back from our beach trip I'll have lots of pictures to post, including her 10 month shoot. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and week.


Anonymous said...

I would be nervous, too! She's having surgery on Ariana's birthday, too. :( I'm sure she'll recover quickly and be back to her usual self. I think I had a toe like that when I was a baby, but I never needed surgery. Apparently my "pinkie" toe was completely curled over my "ring finger" toe. Is that what she has? Can you post a picture?

Jacqueline said...

Courtney, here is an old post from January when we first met the surgeon. It has a kind of crappy picture of her toe. Its not just pushed under other toes. Well, it is that too but that corrects itself as it grows. Lucy's is actually bent. Basically, where its attached to the foot goes up straight but then at one of the joints it bends completely, pointing sideways instead of straight. That doesn't correct itself. Its not a major issue, but it "could" cause balance problems later on. Better to fix it now when she won't hardly feel any pain. It would be more difficult to fix later.

Jacqueline said...

Oops! Here is the link:

(army)Wife said...

I hope everything goes well! I'm sure it will:)

I had surgery when I was 3 years old. Not as young as Lucy, but the way my mom tells the story you would think I was 3 months. My mom describes it the same way you do..."my perfect baby girl being rolled into surgery with her sweet little arms wrapped around her Babydoll." Actually, I had a kitty cat, but same difference :)

Jacqueline said...

Haha, yeah I think in a few years I'll probably have a very dramatic story to tell about the surgery lasting hours and whatnot. In my head I'm sure it will seem like a lot longer than what it is in reality.

Warren Baldwin said...

I'm sorry to hear about your baby needing surgery. I haven't been here in a while and must have missed news you announced about this. We will pray for her! And for mom and dad, too. Ok, I just read a couple of the comments and saw the link and the discussion of the toe. I know you let us know how it goes. God bless.

Sonia said...

We will say prayers for Lucy as well. 2 out of 3 of my children have had surgery and they all were less than 45 minutes. So, I completely understand about being nervous and worried!

They too let them bring in their favorite blankie, which was very comforting to them. We were able to stay until they were ready to take them into the o.r.

Did the Top Doc say anything about her coming out of anesthesia? For me, that was the hardest part.

Good Luck! I will go back and read the post from before.

klawellin said...

Great Blog! I am following from Kristen Self's page.

Your little one is ADORABLE! ; )


Madison said...

Praying for Lucy

Annette said...

Go Lucy! Evan finally stopped army crawling and started pulling up this past week.

Have a good weekend. Best wishes for the surgery.

Mary Jason and boys said...

I'm sure it will all go well and she'll be fine in noTh time. But, I do understand you being nervous. My oldest had to have surgery at about 10 months old also. I was a wreck! But, it all worked out perfectly.
I'll say a little prayer for her and you!

Ginger said...

Good luck, sweet Lucy! (and to your mama, too!)
Happy 10th month!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Said a prayer for her today!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you all so much for the prayers and positive feedback! Its really made a difference because I'm feeling more at peace and relaxed already. You all are awesome!

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for the update and reminding us of this continuing need. We'll say another prayer now.

I'm reading a book now called, "When God Doesn't Make Sense" by James Dobson. It is a wonderful book for times like this when we wonder why our children have to suffer. If you are interested in the book let me know b/c I can get you a copy.


Jacqueline said...

Warren that book sounds awesome! I'd love to know where I can get a copy.

I like anything by James Dobson. He has such great marriage/family books.