Monday, July 20, 2009

Breaking News:

We made salad! Haha...okay so I know it may not be "breaking news." But I promised I would post a picture of this. Nights like this are my favorite. G.I. Joe and I made dinner for the family together. Lemon pepper chicken and a big fresh salad with Romaine lettuce, Red Leaf, carrots and Angel Hair Cabbage. My awesome husband, being super creative in the culinary department tonight, made homemade croutons from some Italian bread and seasonings. He was so proud of them he wanted a picture taken of the finished salad. So this was our creation tonight. It was yummy, and fun to make :)

Oh and if you have a minute check out the custom make onsie I won in a giveaway for Lucy. Kristen makes beautiful things and sells them here on her blog. Lucy gets the pink one and I can't wait to post pictures of her in it. It really fits her girly personality!


Madison said...

Yay! I love free stuff AND tasty salads =)

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Oh, that salad looks so good right about now! :D

Jacqueline said...

Haha, yeah the little things we get excited over :)

Kristen said...

Your too kind, thank you for adding that. I look forward to seeing Miss. Lucy in her onsie. I added some new things today too!

Take care,