Thursday, July 23, 2009

And the "Lovely" goes to...


I've been honored with the "One Lovely Blog" award. Thank you so much, Alexandra! I never really expected anything like this when I started blogging. It took me a while to even get into it because I kept thinking, "Who in the world cares what we're doing everyday?" But blogging has turned out to be a really great outlet for me. I'm so thankful for all of my faithful readers. You all rock! When I started this blog it was mainly for out of town friends and family to keep up with Lucy. I never dreamed I'd have 45 "followers" one day or have a blog award. I'd really love to be able to post everyday or every other day for you all, like all the big time Mommy Bloggers out there, but as I'm sure many of you understand, being an actual wife and mommy gets interrupts the whole Super Blogger thing.

So thank you all so much for hanging around, keeping up with my random posting styles, and for reading my occasional stories. It means so much! At some point I'm going to print out a lot of my posts, and the comments, to keep as a little journal for Lucy. That way she can see how much her mommy loved to show her off!

To "pay it forward" here are the blogs that I'm giving the Lovely to. Stop by and check them out! If you are receiving this award then please pick 15 blogs that you think are Lovely, and pass it on.

1. A Lady and An Officer
2. Handbags and Handguns
3. Awful Beautiful Life
4. Kayleigh's Story
5. Leaving and Loving on a Jetplane
6. Love, Actually
7. More Than An Army Wife
8. Muddy Boots...Dirty Carpets
9. Two Men and a Lady
10. Hearly Household
11. The Self Family
12. The Barthelemy Bunch
13. Our Growing Family
14. New Girl On Post
15. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to stop by and see what's new in our crazy house!


Cher said...

Thank you sooo much! I am honored! You do have one lovely blog---congrats to you!

(army)Wife said...

Congrats to you!! And thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for passing this on to me. I needed it after the crappy day I had. :)

Ginee Scabrough said...

thanks so much have had a rough rough week with animals of all things. I am glad you think so.