Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow...learn something new everyday.

G.I. Joe and I are still getting to know each other after more than three years of marriage spent living apart. Today was fun because I learned two things about my dear husband.

#1...Despite the amount of grief he may try to give me about shopping for Lucy, he loves it as much as I do. On a family outing to Babies-R-Us this morning G.I. Joe was the one to fill the shopping cart for her. She ended up with 2 new summer outfits, 1 new HUGE floppy hat that she'll be still wearing in the summer of 2011, and a fake talking remote control so she won't want chew on our TV remote. We went into the store for one thing and came out with all that! From this day forward he won't be able to say I'm the only one who spoils her :P

#2...While at Babies-R-Us G.I. Joe also loves to find the tiniest newborn clothes to dance around in front of me so that I'll go all "girly-girl" on him. He knows the first thing out of my mouth will be "Ohhhhhhhh! Remember when stuff like that was too big on Lucy?" I'm getting way too predictable apparently. He laughed over and over again at BRU while I reacted to the tiny baby clothes. But hey, I can't help it. My little tiny girl is growing up!

Other things I re-learned today (these were things I was already certain of but just got a reminder) is that he is my best friend, he loves me more than anything in the world, and he takes the best care of me. When it all comes down to it, those last three things are all I really ever needed to know.


Mallissa said...

You two make such a great couple (from what Ive seen of pics :) ) Im glad that you have such a great guy who loves you and your daughter so much!! Yay for great husbands!!

Mary Jason and boys said...

Great picture of you guys, and I agree, its really all you need to know, right!?
Cute blog, I love this background too!

Rachael said...

Who doesn't go all girly-girl over tiny newborn clothes?

Glad your loving being together. You have a beautiful family.

Clint, Teri and Dax said...

I dated Clint for 10 years before we got married and I'm still learning new things about him. My mother said you don't really know them until you have a baby with them... how true. This post was so sweet.