Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are we there yet?

That seems to be a question that gets asked a lot. Anxious children in the back seat want to know exactly how long it will take their parents to navigate traffic to the playground. Sometimes an impatient wife will ask that while sitting with her eyes closed in the car as her husband leads her to a surprise date. (Not that I would know anything about being an impatient wife :P)

A question that has been coming up for G.I. Joe and I over and over again for more than a year now is: "Where are you all going next?" I talked briefly about this back in March before he came home off his orders. I promised I would let everyone know the answer to this question once we found something out. The answer is...we still don't know.

For a while it looked like we were going to Florida by this fall, then it was Alabama. Then we hit a speed bump. G.I. Joe is still in the National Guard but had been working the past 2.5 years for the active duty Army. He will still have a while in the Guard so we were working toward getting him released and transferred to active duty. This was supposed to be a fairly simple process. Our problem is that the Guard doesn't want to release him and is making us go through all kinds of flaming hoops that usually end up getting us nowhere.

It really feels like we're "stuck." I know its frustrating for him to be between active duty orders. He's used to working six or seven days a week and even though he's thankful for the break, its a big adjustment. Drilling one weekend a month can be discouraging after what he spent the past few years doing. In the mean time we're focusing on the time this gives us together. G.I. Joe and I have been having fun doing projects around the house and he's also been joining me and Lucy at our weekly babies gym class at Romp-n-Roll. We've been to the beach once in May and are going back for another week in July. Once Michael does transfer to active duty some of the schools he'll be going to are very likely to be more of the same old "unaccompanied" lifestyle we've had so this time means the world to us. Its hard to imagine that there is a combination of two such opposite feelings in both of us...on one side we both want as much time off for him as possible, on the other its difficult for him to sit back and not be doing such a serious job anymore. I want him to be happy and I know that serving this country is one thing that really gives him purpose in life. It does that for me too. Because of that we're just praying for God's will and perfect timing to be worked out.

So, for all who were wondering...we're staying put until further notice. We'll soak up every second we get here at home as a family. When the time comes for active duty orders, we'll proudly answer the call and go where we have to. And I will let all of you, family and friends, know as soon as G.I. Joe gets his orders. It will be a very exciting new chapter in our lives that we will share with everyone.


Jacylann Nix said...

good luck with everything!! I hope yall get what is best for your family very soon!

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for the update. I know it must be hard. My wife knows from experience - her dad was career air force. He served during the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. She watched her mom cry as he left for Viet Nam. Her longing was for her dad, yours is for your husband, but I'll bet some of the longing is similar. We'll say a prayer for you guys.

With your interest in children, and emphasis on prayer for them, please look at the video on Family Fountain today. I think you'll enjoy it.