Thursday, May 7, 2009

Was it ever like this?

G.I. Joe left this morning. We said goodbye to each other like we have countless times before. Luckily though, this time we were only saying goodbye for a day. He should be home tomorrow afternoon. This trip was just to go up there and get some paper work done.

It is strange, however, that he's gone again. I keep thinking about everything that I did today without him. Lucy had her first class at Romp-n-Roll, a baby gym, and I told him about it over the phone. We took naps, went for a walk, did the whole bath time routine, watched a couple episodes of "Lost" with Mom and Dad, then I put Lucy to bed. All of that was done without him. We said our nightly "I love you's" over the phone like we have for the past three years. Its really crazy to think that most every day of our marriage was like that...apart. I'm so thankful for the time that we have together now because we aren't sure where he'll be going next or if we will be able to go with him. After him being home for six weeks I don't know how I managed without him for so long or how I could possibly do it again. One night without him is hard enough.

Lucy has definitely done a good job of not letting me get lonely while G.I. Joe is away. She's such an affectionate little girl and that has only increased over the past few days. If she's sitting and playing next to me she periodically turns and reaches up to hug me. Then after we've had a little cuddle, she goes back to playing. Its just too sweet. Tonight she fell asleep with one of her little hands cradling my cheek and the other wrapped around a little Mickey Mouse stuffed animal I bought her the other day.

Whether you are apart for one day or one thousand days, its never fun. I very briefly forgot what it was like to be apart, and so did
G.I. Joe. But now its all rushing back. We're praying his next set of orders will allow Lucy and I to go with him. I'd hate for him to miss out on anymore time with his baby girl. Now I'm going to go turn on an Arrested Development dvd, but it won't be as fun as when G.I. Joe is here because I know it annoys him :P

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Warren Baldwin said...

Beautiful pictures of your family. Thanks to your husband for his service to our country ... and your service as well.

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God bless, WB