Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seals, and Turtles, and Sharks! Oh My!

Lucy had such an exciting week last week! She got to go on her very first vacation and see the beach. We all had such a blast and didn't want to have to leave. The first few days were pretty cold so we spent time at the pool (which was another "first" for Lucy) and at the Aquarium seeing some amazing animals. From the first time we got her in the pool she started kicking her feet instinctively. We are so looking forward to going back to the beach again when it gets warmer!

Lucy's first walk on the beach.

Mommy and Lucy watching the Sea Turtles.

Lucy did a great job in refraining from eating the sand!

Fish Face.

Hi! Lucy learned how to wave before we left for our trip and now she waves at everything!

Granny got a picture of Daddy, Lucy, Mommy and Granddad watching the sharks.

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Warren Baldwin said...

GReat pics of your child at the beach. Cheryl and I reminisce about those days. Our "baby" is now 16.

Read your comment on my blog this morning. Thanks for visiting and reading.

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