Saturday, May 2, 2009


One thing I've learned lately about Lucy is that she can smile through almost anything. After a little bit of fussing she will try to fight the smile that wants to break through but is rarely successful at it. The past couple days have been pretty rough on her. Her gums are sore and swollen not just in the bottom two teeth spots but through her top and bottom six at least. We try everything to keep her comfortable but she just keeps biting harder and harder on her little teething rings. Hopefully "any day now" a tooth, or a couple teeth, will pop through. But I've been saying that for months now.

This past week we found a vegetable that Lucy absolutely loves...Squash! She tolerated green beans and spit out every bite of carrots but she loves the squash. Unfortunately, its attacked her little digestive system pretty hard and now she's a bit constipated. We're taking the steps to correct that but still waiting on that one big huge diaper blow out. I never thought I'd be praying and hoping for one of those.

Through all this she has a tendency to grunt and groan. That lasts for a little bit, then she's over it. She'll go back to laughing hysterically over Granny playing a majorly silly version of peak-a-boo or at Granddad's very accurate impression of Goofy. I pretend to be a butterfly fluttering around her and she smiles from ear to ear. Daddy bounces her like Tigger and she's just a little giggle box. Me, well, I'm not like that. I've been beating myself up all day over her getting constipated. "How could I let this happen? Why didn't I Google squash before giving it to her? Why can't I make this go away this second???" I'm so glad that is one personality trait Lucy didn't get from me. She's more like "Yeah, I'll cry for a minute...then back to the giggles." I love that.

Other than teething and the impact of squash, we've had a great week! Lucy got to go to story time at the library which we're going to try to do often. We get to read books, sing songs, dance and learn baby signs with other little ones. Our big milestone this week was....*drum roll*...ROLLING OVER! Lucy rolled from stomach to back on Wednesday and then from back to stomach on Thursday. I almost cried when she did it the first time. It was obvious that rolling was a total accident but she was beaming with pride over her new accomplishment.

I've been a little late in posting her 7 month pictures so here are 3 of them. I still have a few more to edit. It seems like each month comes a goes a little faster than the last.

Can you see any teeth yet Mommy?

Always excited about something.

My sweet angel.

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