Thursday, May 28, 2009


This afternoon found me in a place I never really dreamed I'd be in. I stood in the pouring rain soaked from head to toe with red clay mud splashing on my legs. I watched the holes I was fiercely trying to dig filled with dirty water nanoseconds after I shoveled them. Snowball sized rain drops had coated my hair so it was plastered to my face. I couldn't help but smile when I looked up to see my husband hauling red lava rocks in an old wheel barrow around to the side of the pool. He was soaked too but had the advantage of wearing boots and long pants instead of the flip flops and denim shorts I had that left me a magnet for grime. Had we really been out in this monsoon for only five short minutes before turning into the key ingredient for mud pies?

About an hour before this particular down pour there had been another one. We were at Home Depot buying the lava rock and the plants I so desperately wanted to get secured into the soil. When we pulled our carts out to the truck it was as if someone above us opened a flood gate. G.I. Joe loaded 33 bags of rock into the truck while I held the umbrella in an effortless attempt at keeping us both dry. Our merchandise safely inside G.I Joe turned to go return the carts. But not before I threw down the umbrella and we swept each other up into a Hollywood worthy kiss. Water pelted us as we laughed and ran to our respective car doors.

So there I stood, once again soaking wet and this time dirty as a pig. Not the type of thing I usually relish. For today though, it was nice. Once upon a time we lived apart and spent rainy days playing phone tag. Because of that we enjoy days like today when we can do some extreme landscaping and be that couple at the hardware store that just makes you go "Awww!"

I think we're settling into life together just perfectly...though I would never call us anything close to "normal."


Stephanie said...

You guys are just TOO cute!!

Susan said...

Lucy got a kick out of seeing her Mommy and Daddy look like two drowned rats! Just wait until she wants to play in the rain and mud too!!