Saturday, April 11, 2009

Make note of today's date...

Because Lucy said "Momma!"

She's been all over the word Mommy for quite a while. Ever since Thanksgiving she's been trying to say different forms of it. First she'd say "Ommm-eeee" then it went to "M-mmy." Over the past couple days its been coming out "Moo-ma" but this morning it was an audible and direct "Momma."

I'm so excited about this! I had talked to some friends way back before Lucy was born about how I was nervous that after having a baby our lives wouldn't be as fun or exciting. They told me that life probably wouldn't have the same kind of excitement, but that every day would be filled with thrilling new discoveries. They were right. G.I. Joe and I don't go out late at night or do things on the spur of the moment anymore. But we have a 6 month old who can say "Momma!"

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Annette said...

YEA! We waited for longer than two years to hear Meghan say it...but she also has a speech disorder. I cried when she finally did! I pray Evan will sooner than later...but not for my benefit, just to hear him speak.