Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half Birthday Girl!

I am so thrilled I finally got to take these pictures. Lucy was sick last weekend and I was sick all week so been rough. But having her back to her normal excited chatty self has made me feel better. As the first half of our first year with Lucy has come and gone we've seen her grow and change so much. She went from a newborn who liked to sleep 20 hours a day to a little girl who never wants to nap. She talks and sings to herself all the time. It so adorable! While sitting on her own she can steady herself and rarely even wobbles. The other day she was holding on of her toys which happens to be a blue square "cookie" that goes in a special singing jar. I looked at her and said "blue cookie!" Lucy looked right at it and said "BOO!" I get so excited over moments like that. To look at her and interact with her its so clear she's not just a baby, she's a real little person. But no matter how many half birthdays pass...Lucy will always be my baby.

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Clint, Teri and Dax said...

Those pictures are beautiful. You really did an awesome job. Happy Half B-day Lucy!