Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wrap your head around it

I've been trying for a couple days now to write "Homecomings Part 3" but I'm having a really difficult time with it. Hopefully it will be done and up sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, I just need to ramble. I think Homecomings Part 3 is so difficult right now because of my state of mind. I'm wicked distracted. We found out a couple days ago that
G.I. Joe will be home on the 20th instead of the 24th. That's a week from tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited but still trying to wrap my head around it. I just wish time would stop so I could take everything in. During the past three years we have been through so much. While G.I. Joe was in Iraq we rarely got to talk. A phone call once every week or two was a big treat. Then these past couple years have been so eventful. Having Lucy around has made the time fly by. Before we knew it...three years and three months have passed and we've lived apart that whole time.

I'm kind of in disbelief that in a week we'll be able to pass for a "normal" family. I keep thinking, "What is like to wake up next to your spouse every morning for a month?" So readers, what is that like? Do you think about it? As someone who hasn't been able to do that, I think about it. I guess that is one reason I am thankful for this situation. It really gives you an appreciation for the things in life some people never even think twice about. Why is it that after a while waking up next to your spouse is no longer a privilege and a gift? Having someone to share your life with is a big deal. But after a while its just expected that they'll always be right beside you. I pray that
G.I. Joe and I never forget what it was like to live apart for so long.

Don't hate me for this...but I love Miley Cyrus. And yes, I've watched Hannah Montana since it first came out on Disney Channel. (To be honest, I've also watched The Suite Life of Zach and Cody since it first came out.) I love this music video of Miley's. The song really sums up the huge mess of emotions that I've had going on lately. Rain, wild horses, and endless up hill battles have met us on our journey as a married couple. But we keep climbing together. I wish I could say I had some great revelation from God on this journey but that's not true. I think what's more important is the everyday realizations along the way. I've realized I'm blessed everyday. The time we've been married has consisted of me waiting for
G.I. Joe to come home. As much as it sucks sometimes I do realize that I'm blessed that he is safe and sound for me to even wait for. Some military wives have their wait cut tragically short, so believe me, I know I'm fortunate. I've also realized we can endure. Not every relationship can withstand what we have but its just made us stronger and more in love than ever. The old phrase "Out of sight, out of mind" has no place in our lives.


Chrystal M. Smith said...

You had me until Miley, but i still love ya.

Jacqueline said...

Haha...yeah I wondered if there would be a boycott of my blog after that :P