Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worms for St. Patrick's Day

I love the fact that Lucy is already a book worm like her Mommy! She gets so excited when we add a new book to her library. While I read to her she is always fascinated by the pictures and loves to study everything. Sometimes we read books from the American Girl collections and Lucy becomes so relaxed listening to the words.

Today we were able to attend a book signing at our favorite store, Barnes and Noble. The picture book illustrator Cris Arbo and the author Cheryl Shaw Barnes were both there and took time to talk with us and visit with Lucy before the event began. We ended up bringing home a number of books specially autographed for her. If you haven't heard of these ladies I highly recommend checking out their books. Cris' illustrations are stunning and extremely detailed. Cheryl writes a lot of children's non-fiction books that explain history and the structure of the United States government.

I was so proud of Lucy today. Since around the time of my birthday she's been going through a phase where she really gets nervous with strangers. She had always been fine before that point so I think the heavy onset of teething has caused her to be a little more fussy and clingy to me when we are out in public. At Barnes and Noble there were lots of other kids and people all around Lucy but she barely fussed once. It was so refreshing to see her actually enjoying the attention she got, and trust me...she gets a lot! Who could resist such a cutie pie?

Its a day late, but Happy St. Patrick's Day from our little Irish Princess!



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Kimeri~ said...

Lacy is adorable. I remember when Charity would get so excited over books. Luckily she stills does.