Monday, March 23, 2009

Half, .5, 1/2

Lucy is exactly half a year old today. I never thought something could make me so sad and so excited at the same time. Of course we're extremely happy she's growing up, its just happening way too fast! I really feel like she should only be a month old right now. Already she's sitting up on her own, trying to crawl, giggling like there is no tomorrow and saying a few words. Its so hard for me to believe that we are already thinking about first birthday celebrations. We have so much to celebrate because becoming Lucy's parents has been the greatest blessing God has given G.I. Joe and me. Here is a look at Lucy's life thus far...

10 weeks and playing peek-a-boo

Smiling at 27 weeks

Waiting for Lucy

The proudest moment

Santa's Baby...2.5 months old

So beautiful...4 months old

Bright and happy...5 months old

Happy "Half" Birthday Baby Girl! We love you more than you will ever know.


Susan said...

What was our life like before Lucy? As your Mommy used to say: "Prune juice and vitamins!" Granddad and Granny do love our life with Lucy (and her Mommy & Daddy too)!

Kimeri~ said...

She is simply precious! Happy six months!

Sally said...

Hi Lucy-----

Happy "six months" --- we Love you very, very much.

You are our "baby-precious", from your Great--Grandma (G-G)& Great-Grandpa(G-Pa)