Friday, March 6, 2009

Blessed with a game of tag...

At 5:30 am.

My little Morning Glory was up and ready to play a little earlier than usual today. I woke up to the sound of her adorable fleece covered legs swishing around wildly on the sheets. Before I opened my eyes to look at her I wanted to say "WHY in the world are you up at this ungodly hour?" Haha...but the second I saw her smiling at me I forgot what time it was. Lucy was very excited to play her favorite morning game with Mommy. I call it "Kiss Tag!" She pulls herself up on her side next to me and grabs my face with her hands. Then she showers me with slobbery kisses. That makes me "it." She laughs and giggles uncontrollably while I kiss her cheeks. And who in the world could resist these cheeks?


She just might make me a morning person after all.

ETA: I totally forgot to mention earlier when I posted this but yesterday was G.I. Joe's last day of work on unaccompanied orders! Now he just has to go through the demobilization process. They could still keep him there till the 24th but we are praying he'll get done out processing early and be home sooner.


Margaret said...

Yay Lucy is going to turn you into a morning person:) So cute! That's Riley's favorite part of the day, that and when daddy comes home.

Madison said...

That was such a sweet little story. I love those little morning games. Easton is a total morning baby too. 9 out of 20 days he wakes up with a huge grin on his face!