Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is my Super Bowl

So this is a totally random blog but I LOVE the Oscars!!! If there were never another Super Bowl I couldn't care less...but the Academy is serious business. I think I got really attached to the show when G.I. Joe was deployed. That was 2006 and I believe it was the 78th Academy Awards. I had never watched it before then but have always been a movie junkie. I sat glued to the TV all night and watched every second of it. Those precious few hours where no one uttered a thing about Operation Iraqi Freedom helped me escape from reality for a while. Jon Stewart did a terrible job hosting that year. The most reaction he got was a few uncomfortable courtesy laughs. When the camera panned the audience they always had this look of "Did he actually say that?" I was shocked and appalled that they gave him the chance to host last year.

Each year now I have a couple movies and actors that I'm rooting for. In 2006 the movie was "Good Night and Good Luck." If you haven't seen that movie I highly recommend it. George Clooney directed, co-wrote and co-starred in it. He did a great job telling the story of the McCarthy hearings. Most people just think of him as the leading male in any given chick flick but he is actually a brilliant director. For 2007 it was the year of "Little Miss Sunshine." The Academy usually doesn't honor comedies with a Best Picture win but I had tears in my eyes when Alan Arkin won for Best Supporting Actor.

I have a feeling I'll be crying a lot during this ceremony. One reason being that they always have a special memorial presentation to honor those who have passed away during the year. This year they will be honoring two of my favorite film makers, Paul Newman and Sydney Pollack. The other reason why I am quite sure I'll end up in tears tonight is because Heath Ledger is up for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Dark Knight. He is one of mine and G.I. Joe's favorite actors of all time and The Joker was probably one of the most amazing villains in movie history. He so deserves to have this honor so I'm going to be on pins and needles all night!

I know you might be thinking why this even matters. It sort of doesn't. But if you know me you know I love art. Film making is one of the most powerful forms of art today because of the way it reaches out and speaks to people's actual life experiences. So tonight I'll be parked in front of the TV with my popcorn, chocolate, and Lucy sleeping in my lap!

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Margaret said...

haha I love Jon Stewart. But you're right it was awkward last year. I think the writers strike didn't help either. They kept showing those stupid videos throughout the show.

I'm hoping Kate Winslet finally gets her Oscar and that Slumdog wins best picture.

Jacqueline and Michael said...

Ugh...I really can't stand him. The first year he hosted though was 2006 and it was way worse than last year. He can't really blame the strike for that one. I just don't get the thought process behind asking him to host.

I was soooo glad Kate Winslet won for best actress! But I wanted The Reader to win best picture because Sydney Pollack helped produce it :(

Madison said...

I hope you enjoyed it! I haven't watched an awards show in years, but I will admit that I always liked seeing the gowns and suits celebrities chose for the red carpet.