Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lyrics and Lines

In the coming weeks you'll probably be hearing me talk more and more about how excited I am about March 24th. I figured I would take this time to sort of explain our situation with G.I. Joe's job in the military over these past 3 years for those who haven't heard it.

We got married on Christmas Eve 2005. Right away G.I. Joe deployed to Iraq for a whole year. It was an incredibly tough year. There was a time when we went an entire month with no phone calls and no letters. The thought that carried me through those hard times was that once he came home and was stationed somewhere in country I would be able to go with him. We were going to make up for the fact that our first year was spent apart.

Once he got home he got new orders. He was given an opportunity for a job we both agree is very important and worthwhile. In January he left to go up there and I was to come up in February after our housing arrangements were worked out. As you can by now guess, the housing was never worked out. Once I got up there word came down that those men doing this particular job had to be "unaccompanied." We were then "sentenced" to 2 more years of living apart. For a while that year I was able to go back and forth and visit him while he was staying in a hotel during the renovation of the barracks. After he officially moved on post the most we got to see each other is when he was able to get weekend passes here and there, or some vacation time.

For the entire 3 years and 2 months we've been married, we've lived apart. But soon this chapter of our lives will close and we couldn't be more thankful! On March 24th G.I. Joe will be coming back home and we'll wait patiently to find out where the Army is going to send us together next. Lots of people have been asking where we will be next and what G.I. Joe will be doing. The answer to both those questions is "We don't know." Then people always want to know when we'll find something out and the answer is "We don't know." Haha. I promise we will let everyone know once we find out something.

We still have 6 more weeks until G.I. Joe comes home. Those last weeks before a homecoming drag on for all involved. We greatly appreciate all the prayers that have been offered up for us over the past 3 years. There is a line in one of my favorite songs (The Finish Line, by Yellowcard) that says, "The finish line is almost here...and someone softly whispers in my ear..." The prayers of our friends, family and the wonderful people at our church have whispered encouragement in our ears and carried us through to this point.

When you run a long distance race you most likely hit a point where you feel tired and aren't sure if you will make it to the finish line. After this feeling will come a second wind of determination and energy. I think
G.I. Joe and I are both teetering on the edge of those two feelings. I guess that's why I am writing this particular blog. I felt like we could really use a pep talk and a reminder of what waits at our finish line...its our starting line.

Babe, we're so close!!! After my birthday weekend we'll only have 5 more weeks apart! Those weeks will seem long. That's 5 Sunday strolls, 5 Manic Mondays, 5 new Friday night "Psych" episodes. But we are strong, Army strong; we can get through all these obstacles that get in our way. We've endured so much and because of that we will cross the finish line together. Being a family will be our prize and a wonderful new "race" will begin. There's no one I'd rather run with than you!


Chrystal M. Smith said...

Sister friend, you are too much. I love that you two will be able to be together for the rest of your marriage, little sis.

Margaret said...

I'm so proud of you:) Only 5 weeks after this weekend! They'll fly by. Know that you and your family are always in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for praying for Veiyah and our family. We would be blessed for you to follow our story. Click on Follow this Blog and become part of our praying family. Also, please feel free to grab our button and post it on your page to get prayers going strong! God Bless! Ani

The Karg Family

Jeremy, Ani, Madi, Selah, Veiyah & ^^Aderah^^

Anonymous said...

You guys know how happy I am that this is finally all working out for you. I am glad that the time is winding down now and that soon very soon you guys will get to be a family. The army life can be hard some times but rest assured that many young men and women probably owe their lives to Michael and the training that he has conducted over the past three years. Let me salute you both and thank you for your service.

Nicole O'Dell said...

thanks for sending me this link. I missed this post before. I'm so glad to read the whole story. WOW! What a crazy ride you two have been on. I'm so impressed that you've managed to keep your sunny outlook.

The six weeks are actually over now, and I'm so happy for you both. I can't wait to watch the future unfold for your sweet family.